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Monday, July 14, 2008

This has been a very busy week for me...not like that isn't my life every week :) Especially in the summer. Anyway, one of my best friends came from Texas to visit and look for a house here in Utah because they are moving here. So, she pretty much stayed at my house and we got to hang out all week. It was so good to see her again and she has a little daughter that is only a month younger than Ky. My friend Amy came down again too, so we had 5 kids all running around. I am so excited that my childhood best friends from Washington are moving here...now we just need you Carly to be complete!

Here are a couple more pictures from the week of stuff we have been doing. Of course I can't just tell you about them...I have to take pictures :)

This is all 5 of our kids together. I can't believe we actually got this picture of them holding still!

I took some bridals in SL that were a lot of fun. You can check my photography blog in the next couple days if you want to see more.

I am not one for self portraits, but my sister talked me into it, even though she has already seen my hair now. But, I got my hair cut and colored. If any of you watch "So you think you can Dance" I got my hair cut like Chelsie's (she got voted off a few weeks ago) kinda...just not as extreme and layered cause my hair is not thick and as black as hers and I am just not as cute :)

We celebrated the 24th (pioneer's day) early because the Weber State fireworks were yesterday. I don't know why they don't do them closer to the 24th. The kids played with sparklers for the first time & LOVED them, thank goodness no one got burned.

Mckay even had 2 going and keeps asking me today if he can do more sparklers.

Ky of course was not scared and didn't want any help.

The Fireworks were AMAZING we sat so close to them. Once, one exploded low to the ground and we all backed up cause they almost hit us. The kids both had a great time and for the FIRST time Mckay was not scared at all and loved watching them.

Ky has a new obsession with hats...and bracelets....and shoes. YEAH I am getting my little girlie girl. She was a cute little giraffe for the fireworks.

Ky LOVES getting her toenails painted too. It is the ONLY time I can get her to hold still. I always do it in my tub so that if she gets it anywhere it is easy to clean.

Matching toenails. :)

Our muscle man. I got this costume for $2 because he loves to dress up.

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Megan said...

Sounds way busy...but fun too. I just love all of your pictures. I also love Ky's outfit - I can't get my dang kid to keep a hat on for the life of me. I also like that you said McKay wasn't scared at the fireworks but his eyes are all wide in that picture...haha...speaking of, I didn't know the WSU fireworks were yesterday...that is way early and I am sad that we missed them. Oh well.

I love your new hair cut...I loved Chelsea's hair cut, but I have no idea how she could get it all pushed over and for it to stay like that. Your right, it must be her race. And you are so lame - you know you look hott!

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Your hair cut & color is way cute. I like it on you. It sounds like you have had such a fun week. During the time you think you are going to go insane with how busy you are but at the end it is always so worth it especially if the kids are having a great time. Ky sounds like my little girl loves to dress up and get her nails & toe nails painted.

Chelsie said...

I LOVE your new hair cut! It looks so good on you! You are crazy busy!! It looks like so much fun though. Your kids always look so happy and i love that Ky is a girly girl! So fun to be able to do all of that with her

Chelsea said...

LOVE LOVE your hair cut:) I swear I'm bringing your golf clubs back!!!

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