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Friday, July 18, 2008

Things that make life easier with kids. I was thinking yesterday of all the little things we have now that they didn't have "back in the day" that make raising kids easier. This is beyond your basic normal stuff you need for kids. So, I decided to make a list and go around and take some quick pictures cause I was bored. If you have a little something that you love please post it...I am always looking for little things to help me out (besides lots of IBprophen). Either post it here or make a post on your blog so I can see :) Here is my list in no particular order:

409 CARPET CLEANER- This is the BEST carpet cleaner in the WORLD! It gets everything out...even Grape juice and Blood. I am in love with this stuff.

Ky loves vegt. & fruit, but I hated having to open a huge can of peas or fruit. This way, I just pop the peas in the microwave for 30 seconds and DONE! The fruit I just drain out the juice and give it to her. SO convenient.

CROCS- So great to have these when you are in a hurry and just want to get out the door because the kids can put them on themselves. Great for everything summer :)

Mckay hates for his food to touch, so this plate is perfect for that. Great for dipping his chicken nuggets in too. The cup is just fun a really convienent so I don't have to keep buying the plastic straws anymore. Only $0.50 a plate and cup.

GOOD BOY CHART- Mckay is at a REALLY hard age right now where I swear his ears are just on his head for decoration. He doesn't listen at all. So, I made this chart, and everytime he does what I ask him to do then he gets a sticker. When his chart is full of stickers than he get a toy that he picked out. He wants this Buzz light year dart gun thing. So, it actually works most them time and makes my life a heck of a lot easier. He still doesn't listen all the time but at least a little bit more :)

KID-TO-KID ELASTICS- People always ask me how I get Ky's hair done and how to get it to STAY without her pulling it out. Well, Kid-to-Kid in Ogden sells these great elastics that are only $.99. It is a huge pack and they are fantastic and stretchy and don't break. Ky can't pull them out and even if your kid has a TINY bit of hair you can grab it with those and it will HOLD it. Another trick is a spray bottle and fine tooth comb. It really helps to have the hair wet :)

HIGHCHAIRS THAT HOOK ONTO CHAIRS- I love that I don't have a seperate highchair that takes up space. This is so nice cause Ky can sit right up to the table with us, and when she is done, we just push it up to the table like all the other chairs and it dispears under the table. Also...

HUGE RUBBERY PLASTIC BIB- This bib is so great cause it is huge and has a little catcher pocket at the bottom for everything that falls. Plus, it snaps hard so she can't get it off. After she is done I just take it to the sink and clean it of and tada it is ready for the next washing machine required.

LAVENDER GERM-X- I LOVE germ-x period, but I really like this kind cause it actually smells nice unlike the other kinds, plus it is moisturizing.

GOOD SIPPY CUPS- Sippy's that REALLY don't spill instead of the cheap rubbery ones I used to buy for $1.50 that spilled all over the place. These Playtex ones are like $7 for 2 cups, but TOTALLY worth it!

RUBBER BATH PITCHER- My kids HATE getting their faces wet in the bath when I wash them up. So, I saw this silly cup thing at walmart for $3 and bought it on a whim. LOVE it! You fill it with water and dump it on their heads, that blue part is rubbery and you push it right up against their for heads, so the water doesn't get in their eyes as long as their heads are tipped back.

POTTERY BARN STOOL- I got this from DownEast Outfitter store in Ogden for only $10! I love that store because it has all kinds of cute stuff for CHEAP! I love having stools around the sinks so that Mckay can wash his own hands. This stool is the PERFECT height.

HUGGIES SOAP- This soap is great firstly because it is foam soap, which last FOREVER and secondly it has a fun timer built into it. So, Mckay pushes it down to dispense the soap and the hippo head starts blinking for 20 seconds. So, Mckay knows he has to wash his hands till the light stops. It makes it fun to wash. I aslo love their flushable butt wipes.

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Megan said...

That is quite the list of goodies. I am going to have to try some of them...mostly the carpet cleaner. Since we are in a rental, they put the lowest grade carpet in and if you spill water it stains. It makes me want to pull my hair out. Thanks for the tip!

Chelsie said...

I'll have to give that carpet cleaner a try too! I have been looking for a good one. I love germ x and didn't know they have it in lavender!! every time i put it on it reminds me of when coop was first born, that's what our house smelled of. I love those bibs!! Hmm..something to add....I'd have to say gets every stain out of clothes!! It got raspberries out of a white onesie last week!

Tausha said...

great idea for a post!Crazy how I don't have to use not even one of those things on your list! Maybe a stool sometimes, but that is about it.
My girls hair is all really really thick so those fantasic elatics don't work too great. I think that i will have to copy the post idea-it is a great reference for future use and knowledge! Thanks babe you rock!!

Natasha said...

Love the list. Gives me some good ideas for when emma gets older. Sorry about the house. The market is real bad right now. Our house is still for sale but we are not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis.
Well I will have to check out that 409 spray. I like what you do with your page and pics. Well hope you get this and see ya camping.

Big Bro

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