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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well, I know this is a little bit of a personal thing that I am about to share, but I really feel like I need to so that you all can benefit from it that have I.U.D's (Intro Uterine Device) as birth control. I went to get mine taken out yesterday at the Dr.'s office, and he got in there WASN'T there. So, he started to look for it, and you all know if you ever had one put it or taken out how bad it hurts. Well, he was looking for it and it hurt so bad that I almost passed out. He wanted to give me a shot to help with the pain, but I wouldn't let him cause I really hate shots & I didn't want to pay for one :) . I know I sound like a huge baby, but I have never been in so much pain in my life....and I have been through some pretty painful things. So, needless to say he couldn't find it anywhere and I am still in some pain.

So, I am going to have to get surgery to get it out as soon as they can figure out where it went. The reason I am sharing this is not for lots of Sympathy :) But, cause if you have a IUD please CHECK IT OFTEN! Make sure that it is in the right place and then maybe you will know and be able to go get it taken care of if there is a problem before it gets bad. Because I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy :( Anyways, I hope you all didn't find that too inappropriate to share...I just really want to warn everyone who has one or caution people who are thinking about getting one. I will end on a happier note and do a little quiz that I got tagged for from my friend Amy:

6 quirks about myself. Like Amy, I asked Craig to help me remember them all, and he assured me there are many more...he just couldn't think of them at the moment :)
So here they are:

1-I hate the sound of creasing paper...HATE it!

2-I hate to touch anything that is frozen. Like juice concentrate of frozen vegetables, Popsicles....when we go grocery shopping Craig always gets the frozen items. If I have to touch them I hold them just between 2 fingers.

3- Keeping with frozen things, I hate Popsicles, Not because of the taste, but I hate anything really cold by my teeth because I am so paranoid that it will touch my teeth.

4- Don't ever touch the end of my nose. Craig will do it just to bother me and I have some weird compulsion that I have to squeeze the tip of it together so I don't get a split in it... It is an instinct I can't control.

5-I don't like to take showers. I would much rather take a bath if I have the time. I just feel kinda trapped in a shower especially if the water comes down over my face.

6- I have an obsession with hair & makeup products. I have a entire linen closet full of them, even though I have only used some of them once. I just feel like maybe that one is better than the last one I just bought or something.

Now I tag Brittney, Carly, Amy, Alison, Janna & Kim . I am excited to hear your kookiness :)

One more thing...I know this is the longest blog post ever, but I have to include this picture of Ky how I found her about 2-minutes ago. Serves me right for leaving her alone for a minute. She had a poopy diaper and was trying to get it out with her toothbrush. I don't think she'll be using that toothbrush anymore :)

16 Say What's:

JJCC said...

Thanks for the heads up! I was thinking about getting one but not now! Hope you feel better soon. I'm heading over to The Kottage Kupboard at the Golden Spike Events center. I'll let ya know how it is.

Peter Lee Family said...

Oh my, I am so sorry-how painful. I hope the surgery goes okay. That is funny Ky would do that-but it is so true, you leave them alone for 1 minute and who knows what their little minds will get them into!

Ashlee said...

Your situation is just like someone else I know. The same thing happened to her too. She also had to have surgery. I hope everything goes ok.
Your little girl is so funny.

Chelsie said...

that pic of ky is hilarious!! i love it! i'm so sorry that you have to go in for surgery, i had a bad experience with my iud also, i got it out because i was having an almost 2 month long period, overshare?, sorry, and she had trouble finding mine too...i hope everything goes ok. if you need someone to bring you a treat or something i will volunteer tausha and i!

Kim said...

Gross Ky! I hope you threw that toothbrush away or at least boiled it...Ty thinks it is good to take his diaper off himself now to go potty - - even if it is poopy! Kel, wish there was something we could do to help...sorry! I know, o lame, but we're praying everything goes well. Love ya!

Megan said...

OUCH! I am so sorry Kell! I got my IUD out last March and I had no problem whatsoever and it didn't hurt. Putting it IN 6 weeks after pushing a baby out was another story. I NEVER checked mine either - the thought of sticking my fingers up there gives me the heebeejeebees (you like that?) I know I must be completely immature to feel that way. I think it is ironic that you didn't want to pay for the shot and now you have to pay for surgery - that sucks. I hope it all goes well.

On a much happier note - I love that picture of Ky. And those quirks are great - I mean those are truely quirky things. Love it! Please let me know if you need anything. I know I am not super close by, but I always come up that way. Maybe Ky and Anna can have a play date at my moms?

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

I am so sorry that you had to go through that pain and now have to get surgery does not sound like fun. You are too funny about your little things that bug you and your little girl that cracked me up

Amy said...

Thanks for the heads up. I am really freaked out about now. My neighbor just had surgery last week because she had an eptopic pregnancy with and IUD in. I also have another friend who got pregnant with twins also on an IUD.I'm thinking maybe IUDs aren't so great after all. Good Luck and I'm sorry you have to go through that.
I love your quirks, thanks for sharing and I about died laughing at the pic.

10zfam said...

so sorry about the iud. i personally haven't heard anything good about iud's. i have it on my never to do list. i hope your surgery goes well.
your quirks are super hilarious.
i hope that toothbrush went right in the garbage!

Alison said...

Kelley, thanks for sharing your iud experience. I had already heard some other things about iud's. I think it is really good to be informed. (They don't tell you all this stuff when they offer it to you). I hope you feel better, and I live SO close to you. PLEASE call me if you need ANYTHING! Also, how intense is the surgery? Will you have to be admitted?

Megan said...

So I hope my comment didn't sound weird - I think it came off a different way than I meant it (the joys of the internet vs. face to face). I am so grateful that you shared your experience because obviously I didn't do what I should have and I was lucky. Now I know the consequences of what can happen when you don't check the IUD and if I am not willing to do that I now know I shouldn't get one again because I might not be so lucky. Which, I don't think I will. Really - I hope everything goes well. When did you say your surgery was?

J + A Humphreys said...

Kelley, you are such a talented photographer! I had so much fun looking at your latest shoots. Too bad we don't live any where near Utah so you can take our family pic. :) On the IUD note, that same thing just happened to one of my other friends and she had to have the surgery. In my opinion, those things are scary! Hope everything goes okay with all that.

Adventures in Petersonland said...

im sorry to hear about your iud!!! ive never had one before but am probably going to go that route in the future. i hope the surgery goes well and you recover you were describing how painful it was i was cringing!!! im so sorry.
we (well, i) started yet another blog! hahahaha...last one i promise.

your little girl is so adorable!

Bloxham family said...

Isn't it amazing what kids will do when you leave them for a few seconds. Well you blog looks good, and your family is adorable!! We should get together sometime!

Kelley said...

Thanks for all your nice support everyone. You all are GREAT!

ps. don't worry Megan you're comment was're so funny! I love you!

Erin said...

Kelly! I can not believe this, although this is not the first time I have heard of this happening! I hope all goes well! Keep us posted!!

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