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Monday, November 24, 2008

OK, So I will start with Chocolate and get into my ranting about vampires later :) Craig, the sweetie that he is, knows how much I love all things Chocolate and took me to the "Chocolate Show" at the expo center in SL. Despite having the crazy kiddos with me, it was LOTS of fun. They had tons of samples, demonstrations and a fondue fountain! By the time we were done the kids were all wired and I was feeling kinda sick from all the chocolate. Here are a couple pictures.

This lady makes each of her chocolates individually by hand....they were all beautiful!

Look at all that chocolate!

Tons of Samples... Ky would always say "Me have one".

They had a cake decorating contest. This one won first place.

They even had squiggle cars for the kids to get some of their energy out. Look at their little chocolate faces!

They fought over who go to sit in the stroller. There is no way our double one would have fit in here. So, I walked around most the show like this just to keep Ky happy. What a pain!

My most favorite thing...Chocolate dipped strawberries. This one was SO good! I look like such a dork. I didn't know Craig was taking a picture till I already had stuffed most of it in my mouth!

I asked some guy to take a picture of us, and I have noticed recently that people have a REALLY hard time using my camera. Maybe cause you have to actually look thought the hole and not the viewfinder. I don't know, but he totally forgot Ky standing there. hehe. Maybe he didn't understand how I told him to zoom out or something.

By the end of the show, my kids were both totally wired with sugar and covered in chocolate.


OK. So I HAVE to talk Twilight now!!! We dropped the kids off at my mom's house and then Craig took me to Twilight after a nice romatical dinner at an Italian place in North Ogden. I have been so excited for this movie I can't even tell you...I could barely eat my dinner I was so excited! Well, can I just say I was REALLY disappointed. I knew I wasn't gonna like Edward, not only did I not think he was hot...I thought he was WAY overacting at the first part of the show. He just was mean and not alluring at all like in the book. So, the first half I hated. It was too rushed. One minute they were mad at each other and the next in love. They didn't really let their relationship build like it does in the book. There needed to more sexual tension :) is that bad that I wanted that. hehe. They didn't kiss enough and weren't romantical enough. I like all the little parts in the book where he kisses her and they hold hands...touch all that stuff. And they RUINED my meadow scene. I don't want to ruin it for all you who haven't seen it, but it was suppose to be romantic and they were suppose to almost kiss. But, instead Edward makes it dark and creepy and he is just angry for most of it. It's suppose to be their special place...Grrrr. Anywho! I could go on and on about this movie. I hated the first half and really like the second half.

Loved the baseball scene and the prom scene. Edward was actually pretty good looking after he mellowed out a little bit. He looked hot at the prom like in that picture. I think if I see this movie again it will grow on me. Sorry to rant, I knew the book would be so much better....just not THAT much better :) hehe.

Craig & I at my mom' s house. We had a picture taken at the restaurant too, but again the guy couldn't use my camera very well and cropped our heads out :) I love you Craig!!! Thanks for taking me to my movie and the nice dinner :)

This is what our kids looked like when we came to pick them up at 10 o'clock. They are so cute!

ps. Craig has read all the books and thought the movie was pretty cheesy and not so great.

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Jaime said...

I'm jealous you went to the Chocolate Show. I was hinting to my husband about it, but I guess I should have just came right out & told him to take me. That's fun that Craig made a fun date night out of the Twilight movie! I agree they needed more sexual tension & I didn't like how he seemed angry in their special place. Don't you love how it looked like they were flying through the air every time she got on his back to run through the woods? haha

Megan said...

I still can't believe that Craig took you. I am just so impressed. No way (in you no what) would Ross go see that movie. I ended up liking it overall. Like you said, Edward ended up not being so ugly. Plus I am not one for the excess schmoopiness that the book provides so I didn't mind that it wasn't heavy on the romantic side. Of course there are things I would change (totally the meadow part) but it was still Edward and Bella...sigh..

I am jealous of your trip to chocolate heaven. Chocolate dipped strawberries are my fave too!

BensonFam said...

LOVE the chocolate show. My sister in law is a cake decorator and has entered in years past. As for Twilight... I am waiting for all of the preteen crazies to see it before I venture out. I am keeping my expectations as low as possible so that maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Is that sad?

Alison said...

Jealous! I wish I could have gone to the chocolate expo! I LOVE chocolate so much I have to have some every day... and that is so sweet that your husband took you to the movie. Most girls I know had a girls night out. I personally have not read the books so I will probably wait until it comes out on video to watch it. I know, you probably think I am crazy but I am not a reader..

Chelsie said...

oh my heavens could the chocolate show look any more fabulous?! i'm pretty sure I'm going to go eat an extra days worth of calories now. i'm with you on the lovey dovey stuff...i like it...and wanted more...and i didn't like how the meadow scene came out more angry than special...hmm

Leah said...

Twilight--the sexual tension is the best part of the whole book! so sad, I know. But I love it.
Anyway, what kind of camera do you have? Any SLR Recommendations? I'm FORCING my husband to give me one this Christmas as "our" gift to each other because he went out and bought a really expensive bike and I didnt get ANYTHING. My turn!!!
Tell me which camera's you prefer!

Dana said...

chocolate...i'm jealous :P haha

the movie? i agree a bit. i know exactly what you mean. i just kinda decided before hand to not have expectations :P and's NOT bad that you wanted that (sexual tension :P) haha i did too. although...maybe we are BOTH bad! haha edward wasn't MY edward. bella...yes. i think a perfect match for my noggin'. edward was not hot....he was later (i agree w/ you) but c'mon! give us girls some eye candy! the man was SUPPOSED to be HOT!! right?? haha

i have to say though...i'm not upset enough to not watch the movie again...greg took me last night (2nd time, first was w/ the ladies :P) so i still get giddy :P

Kelley said...

That is so funny you went and saw it again last night Dana. Cause I went too! with my mom & Sisters. And I really liked it SO MUCH better this time! I don't know why, but it was just better. :)

Amy said...

Hey! I've been trying to get a hold of you! Until you just commented on my blog, I thought you had dropped off the face of the earth! Have a Happy Thanksgiving? Are you shopping on Black Friday this year??

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