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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I thought I would share some of my favorite things, they might not be new things to me and maybe not to you either, but as the weather is getting colder and colder some of these things have become my favorites again :) I love hearing about people's favorite things and new products, so I would love for you all to do a post if you want on some of yours!

1. BURT'S BEES: www. burtsbees.com

I LOVE LOVE their products. I have used there lip balm for a while now, and it is wonderful. But, I recently tried their face wash and now I am addicted to all their stuff. There are made from natural products and smell wonderful, plus they make my skin feel great and glow.

This face wash is my favorite

2. Aquaphor
This is actually a new find from my friend Amy. Works on lips and face any where you want to moisturize, works GREAT on my kiddos in this cold skin drying weather.

I drink Hot Coco religiously every morning in my coco motion...can't get enough of the stuff. This roasted hazelnut is my favorite.

The Coco Motion...

This is a new magazine and it has all kinds of fun crafts, cool decorating ideas and just lots of cool mom stuff. It is suppose to be for hip mom's, even though I might not be super hip, I still love reading it. I am also a fan of parenting magazine. Any help I can get right?

These hats are ADORABLE on Kylin, she has a couple different colors. HERE is the Ebay store where I got them from. If you are not a fan of Ebay, then I am pretty sure they have some at quilted bear. Some of you can probably make them....Amy Tuttle! jealous. :)

She has lots of colors...


I have had babylegs since Ky has been a baby, but I am just re-falling in love with them now that it is getting cold again. They are so great can you can put them on arms or legs to keep your kids warm and they are just so DANG cute! My friend Chelsea sells them, HERE is her site.
This is my favorite recipe and totally hits the spot in this fall weather. HERE is the recipe

8. Old Navy Slipper Boots
I just got these and I LOVE them....so cozy and cute!There are just a few of mine...I tag you all!

6 Say What's:

Amy said...

OK So now I want to run out and by the facial cleanser and the cocoa motion. and about everything else. I do want to try and make those darling beanies. Oh and I made my own baby legs out of women's socks. If you want to know how let me know.
Very cute post for sure!!! I will try and do one of my own. soon.....Thanks kelley

Melissa Campbell said...

I totally want to get a beanie for tatum for christmas if you find a good deal on them please let me know:) Also, where do you buy your bows? I need some new ones.

Megan said...

I love Burts Beese products, but I hadn't seen that facial cleanser - I so want to try that now...along with the craving for hot cocoa that I have suddenly. Thanks a lot ;)

Leah said...

What are those crochet hats made of? My friend does and awesome job at crochet beanies, but she's only done the yarn.
Let me know if you find out. They are sooo cute!

Brooke said...

Stephens cocoa is pretty much the only hot chocolate I drink, we always have like 5 different flavors. Love the beanies as well, you wouldnt happen to know where I could find my baby cute bows do you?

Kristin Bishop said...

You are so cute. And creative. And a good mom. YOu inspire me. Chels told me your moving. I suck...because we still haven't got in contact and had our kids play. I need to learn to digi scrapbook as well! The good thing is you won't be too far away!

Your blog is always so perfect and darling. I love the new header.

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