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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This blog is like a journal for our family, so I think it is important to put little things that we have been up to. I don't know that any of you will care, but it is great stuff for me to remember. :) I sat down the other day and was looking through old posts on my blog and it was so cool to read about our lives when Mckay was 2! Blogs are so great. So, all you should sit down and look at your history on your blogs. Here are some random things we have been doing this past week...

They finally got a Chuck-e-cheese by us in Layton! Wahoo! Although, I remember it being SO MUCH cooler when I was kid. But, the kids LOVED it! We were there for like 3-hours. I only got this one picture of Ky before my battery died (this is her new way of smiling that I DON'T love) I have no pictures of the place or how much fun they had. Which, was actually ok with me because I am getting so burned out doing pictures just seems like my job or something. hehe.

Play Date with Friends
It has been so nice having my best friend Amy live fairly close to me. I love that our kids are the same age and love to play together. Here is a picture of them taking a nap...YEAH right! They never were able to fall asleep.

Those Boots...Ky is totally obsessed with her pink cowboy boots...even if she is completely naked she will still want to wear her boots. good $4 Ebay find!

Madagascar 2
We took the kids to a matinee of this show yesterday and it was pretty cute. We all had a lot of fun. They loved going to the store before and picking out some candy and drinks to take in. It is so nice at the Junction you can bring in outside food :) Ky watched most of the movie and the rest of the time played in the chairs and on the stairs. Thank goodness there were only like 5 people in the whole theater.

Fun treat & GREAT way to learn colors...
first off, I have to show you Mckay's SNAZZY outfit he picked out for himself. He has been very "artistic" lately in dressing himself.

Hat inside out, shoes on the wrong feet, and his clip on tie. What a stud!

Mckay & Ky had LOTS fun making these necklaces, Mckay even did his all by himself. Of course I had to help Ky, but it was good because it helped her practice her colors. I would tell her to "find me a green one, or find a blue one" and she would find it and then either eat it or put it on the sting. Funny how kids have so much fun with the littlest most inexpensive things.

I seriously think my kids are so cute...I am sure everyone does :) Mckay was so proud of himself that he made his with no help. I can't believe how big and independent he is...makes me a little sad.

My Naughty little thing!
Kylin LOVES my makeup. She makes me put a little on her every morning when I do mine, or she screams. Well, now she has decided she doesn't want to wait for me anymore. This is like her 3rd time in my makeup...this time was my mascara! :)

Bath in the big tub...
They just love taking a bath in my big tub...I LOVE it too and I'm sure gonna miss it when we move!

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BensonFam said...

What a cute post - you always have such cute things to do with your kids. P.s. what's the plan with moving? Has Craig decided where he wants to go to school?

mrs. jar said...

what a great post! They are such cuties!

Kristina said...

I love the post. The kids are just so adorable. I love McKay dressing himself. oh and thanks for the necklace idea, thanks again, trey will love it!!

Megan said...

What a cute post - definitely things you will want to remember. And I agree that your kids are cute. I know how nap time with no sleeping goes ;) But at least they are having fun right? Anna has yet to touch my makeup bag (knock on wood) but I think that is a bad sign that she never sees me putting any on. LOL.

Chelsie said...

i would be obsessed with those pink boots too...they are so cute!!! i tried to do the necklace thing with coop a couple months ago, but he lost interest...but for some reason i still finished it and ate it myself. haha, cute pics as always.

Peter Lee Family said...

When and where are you moving? Your kids are so cute, I love checking up on your blog!

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