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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I get emails from Disney whenever there is anything new coming to town, well I got this email saying you could personalize a message to your kids from Santa, you can even upload a picture of them. It is really cute and my kids loved it. HERE is Mckay's message from Santa, and you can make one for your kids from that link too :)

Also, there is this really cool thing called "Bloggled" that will back up your blog for free. They also will be able to make books from your blog in the near future. It gives me piece of mind that I can back all this up, cause this really is like a journal for our family. So, check it out....HERE is the website.

Ok, on with stuff that has been happening with us :) We got our tree up finally! The kids were SO excited. Mckay has been bugging us for days about getting it up. Our house is a complete disaster and we can't find anything, but at least the tree is up right :P

The first ornament...of course if Mckay put it on it had to be green :)

When Ky put the ornaments on they were pretty much right on top of each other. And, I am SO proud of myself....I actually left them like that :)

Our little Ornament hog....

I look at this picture of her and she looks so big to me! The time goes so fast, I can't belive she is gonna be two soon!

Shortie needs a little help from daddy.

Not traditional Christmas colors for our ornaments, I know, but I like that they are bright and fun. Maybe in a couple years I will go with red or something.

Ok, I know this is the longest post ever, but there is MORE! Yesterday we drove down and took the kids to Christmas Villiage In Ogden. Mckay has been so excited to see Santa he couldn't wait another day. Too bad it was SOOOO cold that before Ky even saw santa she was crying. Here are some pictures....Thank goodness for the Hot cocoa!

I know this is the worst picture ever of me...I was half frozen. I just think the kids look so funny so I had to share.
Waiting patiently for santa...we couldn't find Ky's coat so thankfully we found Mckay's old one.

Finally....SANTA! I think it is adorable that Mckay is holding his hand. He went right up and just sat on his lap and said, "I want a yellow Cars digger truck for Christmas please." Kylin, on the other hand was a little more cautious.

After Santa, we only went to a few little houses before the kids were too cold. But, it was a lot of fun! I love that my kids love Santa and are so excited for Christmas, it makes it so much fun!

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Megan said...

I love your Christmas tree - no apologizing! I can't wit for when Anna actually gets excited about Santa - McKay looks so happy! And I love Kylin's outfit, as usual!

JJCC said...

That Santa is the scariest Santa i've ever seen! That's Ogden for ya. Your tree is pretty.

Erin said...

Thanks for passing the infor along about backing blogs up! Since I too use our blog as a journal, I worry about it somehow deleting! Your kids really are so cute! It looks like things are starting to settle down with the move and it sounds like you have had sick kids (so have I and it is NOT fun!) Your tree is super cute!!

Bloxham family said...

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!! Hey where do you buy your daughters clothes? She is always wearing such cute stuff!

Adventures in Petersonland said...

thanks for the info about those sites! im definately going to make my blog into a book as i dont journal...thats why i started one. its good to know you can back it up in case something happens.
i hope brynn does well for santa! we had the german version come and visit us a few weeks ago and she was TERRIFIED! so i constantly remind her that santa is nice and gives presents...hopefully she remembers that when we see him.
your kids are darling! and i love the baby legs on kylin! brynn has a few pairs of those too.

Leah said...

Your Christmas tree turned out so cute!! So its freezing in Ogden, huh? I would like to see you survive Lincoln! We were just caught in the middle of that huge ice storm. I had an inch of ice on my windshield....that sucks to scrape off! Coming to Utah on the 23rd through.....1st?? We will have to get together the days right after Christmas. email me your phone number again.

Tausha said...

Cute pics. I must say-I know that santa. How do I know santa? Well-ever since I was little that particular Santa has been coming to my granma's house and now my moms house every christmas eve. I refer to him as my Santa-he is fantastic and I just love him. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he has known me my whole life and now he knows my kids. It is such an awesome thing. NOt many people can say they have a santa and really mean it! Yea-I am that cool! :)

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

That video from Santa is so cute. I didn't for my little girl and she LOVED it. She was so excited, we told her that she got an e-mail from Santa. Your tree looks great. Hope you guys have a great 1st Christmas in Logan!! ; )

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