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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Craig and I have been married now for 6 whole years! We have been through a lot and it hasn't always been easy, but it has defiantly been worth it. I know we are meant to be together because he is the only one who could have put up with me this long :) Happy Anniversary baby!

To celebrate, we actually got to go to a hotel and a nice dinner. We also did a little window shopping and went hot tubbing. It was SO MUCH FUN to just be able to hang out and enjoy each other's company and not worry about kids. The best anniversary we have had so far. THanks mom for watching the kiddos.

Here is why I love Craig:

1. You can turn the radio to almost any Station and he knows who sings it. It is amazing....we play that game all the time and in the 6-years we have been married I think he has only been wrong once.

2. He is the cook in our house and is DANG good at it! He makes us breakfast, lunch and dinner...and if I am busy working proofing photos he will just bring it into my desk. Gosh, he knows how to take care of a girl.

3. He is always so optimistic. I am a little more of a realist and always have to play the devils advocate in situations. He is great at getting past my sour attitude sometimes and making me laugh and always tells me that, "Everything will be alright".

4. He takes an interest in my life. He always wants to know what I am working on and will sit and look through pictures I have taken, our blog, my scrapbook pages, decorating stuff....the list goes on and on. If any of you know me, you know I am a HUGE perfectionist and he will sit and be so patient with me while I ask his opinion on stuff I'm sure he doesn't even care about.

5. Loves to surprise me. He will plan things or buy me stuff sometimes and I have NO idea. It is so sweet for him to think about me. Both my cameras he bought for me as a complete surprise.

6. He is THE BEST daddy. The kids really do adore him, especially Ky who is totally a daddy's girl. Like I mentioned before, he is the most patient person I know and it takes A LOT to make him angry.

7. He is So kind. We were leaving down to Ogden the other day and he had to stop and help 4 people get "unstuck" from the snow. When he used to go door to door to sell Dish, he would come home 3 hours later and say, "Sorry honey, I didn't get a sale, but I helped some guy move for a couple hours." and he had never even met the guy before! Those are just a couple examples.

8. The little things... When ever he buys himself a soda, he will always buy me one too and bring it home. He remembers the things I like and don't like, worries if I am too cold or need something. Loves to tease and kid around with me, will clean the house with out being asked. I know those sound like little things...and they are. But, it is the little things that matter :)

10. So dang smart! Kinda makes me mad sometimes....hehe. But, he is a HUGE computer nerd (well, so am i) but, he builds them himself. He also reads nerdy magazines like "Popular Science" he will watch the nerdiest most boring shows about, space, physics stuff, and engineering, and future technology. He will watch something or find something on the computer and always want me to come see cause he is so excited. He also NEVER has to study for tests and gets A's on them! Always has little smart RANDOM facts to share. My family loves to laugh at him for it. hehe.

11. Just amazing period. Great snugger, amazing kisser, perfect lips and this is my blog so I can say it....GREAT BUTT! There are so many other things to mention, but you might find them embarrassing or inappropriate :) hehe.

To sum it all up, I'll say: I NeVeR get sick of having him around, he is my best friend who I want to share everything in my life with. Makes me more happy than he will ever know, and is the best most wonderful man I could ever hope to get to spend the rest of Eternity with. LOVE YOU CRAIG!

13 Say What's:

10zfam said...

happy anniversary. loved reading what you love about kraig. it's fun to get to know people.

Peter Lee Family said...

CRAZY-I totally remember your wedding day. You guys are so cute together and so are your kids. Hot tubing-hmmmmmmmm...LOL!

Nate-Julienne said...

cute post and happy anniversary. Are you adjusting yet to Logan?

Brooke said...

Congrats on 6 years! It was fun to read a little about him, thats cute he bought you both your cameras as a surprise.

Megan said...

Happy Anniversary! Ah I remember your wedding reception...You look so young in your wedding picture - crazyness. Ross and I play the radio game too! He does very well, but I have to say I do hold my own. He has taught me a lot about 70's rock ;) And don't mock 'Popular Science'! Ross subscribes to it too and now I am hooked. It's a good read. I am so glad you guys are happy - you are such a cute couple!

{irene} said...

Oh girl!!!!..Happy anniversary!!!...and your blog is looking cuter by the minute!...You have to tell me what kind of templates you use!!!

Chelsie said...

happy anniversary. that was so fun to read all the things you love about him, i don't really know him, but he sounds like quite the catch. happy anniversary!

Adventures in Petersonland said...

happy anniversary! craig sounds like a catch! im happy to hear you had a great day together. man, it must be nice to live be family! i wish we could drop brynn off and feel ok about taking a few days off together. i guess my time will come once we move to alaska this march.
love your new layout on here! where do you find such good templates for your blog? or do you design them? im completely clueless when it comes to that type of stuff. attaching photos to my blog is hard as it is!

Jaime said...

Happy Anniversary! You two always look so happy.

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary! That wedding picture is funny. You two look so little! :) Cute though! I am so glad we got to see you over Christmas, even if it was for a short time. Chris and I did cancel the cruise, which means we will be coming out to Utah in March. Hopefully you will be around so I can see you again ? :)

Landon and Brittney Wimmer said...

I could spend days looking at your blog. Congrats on your anniversary. It really is a great accomplishment. Your kids are unbelievably cute, and your pictures truely are amazing! So glad you guys had such a great holiday. I still can't believe you drove all the way to IKEA and put the bed together Christmas Eve. Hope you're surviving in Logan!

Brooke said...

I just got Understanding Exposure in the mail yesterday, I love it!!!!!! Everything is starting to make sense now!

Kim said...

awww! Bleh - I think i am gonna be sick! JK Craig - love you too! And Kel, so sweet! Glad you two had fun. Happy Anniversary!

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