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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Since we have been stuck home a lot we have been doing lots of crafts lately. Here was one of Mckay's favorites that we got from "Martha Stewart's crafts for kids". He LOVES collecting money, so this was the perfect project. his favorite part was punching the holes.Here is how you make it:
  1. Get a small water bottle and cut a slit in it fot the money
  2. Wrap in construction paper (or I used felt cause my water bottle was a little rounded) cut slit in that also to match slit on bottle. Glue...I used hot glue gun, but you could probably use regular glue if you wanted.
  3. Cut ear shapes out of paper and punch different colored dots with a hole punch (Mckay's favorite part) glue dots on ears and 2 dots for nostrils.
  4. Fold ears under at the bottom so that you can glue them down.
  5. Glue pipe cleaner around the edges (tuck ears underneath) to hide ear folds.
  6. Glue on googly eyes and feet. You can use bottle lids (we have lots around our house) or you can use REALLY big beads. TADA done!
Quite the mess, but worth it :)
The finished piggie!

So, you all probably know that I LOVE to decorate...and a new place to live gives me a reason to change things up. So, I sold our other TV stand and coffee table and bought this for about the same price. Thank you Ikea :) It looks like a built in so I really like it. It is still a work in progress, but this is what I have so far. It has been really fun!
Since I can't paint I lined the back of these book shelves with poster board and painted them. Adds a little color to this side of the room.
I am in really into birds, and vintage stuff, and those vintage colors and patters right now. I am sure it is just a phase, but that is the nice thing. It is only pillows and a few accessories if I ever want to change it...cheap!
One of the fabrics I used to make my pillows for the couch. Like I said....really into birds right now :)
Not quite sure how to arrange the pillows I made yet...or if I will even use them all, but here is what I have.
My fun metal bird. Don't know why, but I love the thing.


Last, but not least....Do you guys check "Bakerella?" Well, she has the YUMMIEST recipe on there the other day. I was invited to FHE at a new freinds house on monday, so I decided it make it. I and let me tell you...it was DELICIOUS and SO EASY! You can get the recipe from here--

If you want to see more pictures and step-by-step check out bakerella :)

13 Say What's:

my name is heather... said...

cute. I love Ikea. I know how the "no painting" rule goes. Stinks. The pillows are great. Love the colors. I personally would use them all- but I love pillows.

10zfam said...

wow, u r amazing. i will pay you to decorate my house

{irene} said...

I love the pillows!...and the shelve!!!....girl!...you are amazing!..come and finish decorating mine, please?

Kim said...

Your house is looking more like a home Kel, I knew it wouldn't take you long! Love the little piggie - so fun!

Amy said...

I love your new shelf and the decorations and pillows are awesome! You really are talented! Miss you! Happy Early Birthday! We're leaving for Cali tomorrow so there's a good chance I'll forget about your big day while I'm enjoying the California sun.

Adventures in Petersonland said...

ya, im obsessed with ikea too. they have cute things and it isnt too expensive. great idea with adding the green to the back of those shelves! great idea.
and friggin cute piggy bank! it will be fun to do crafts with brynn in the future when she learns not to destroy everything we make together...ive tried before making things with her, but get frustrated as she likes to smash up whatever it was that we made! grrrr...
ive also decided that i will fly you to alaska with me when we move so you can help me decorate and learn how to sew! seriously...im so clueless.

Megan said...

I think you have to be born with a decorating gene or something. I am so helpless when it comes to that, that and everything costs so much money. LOL. Your house is looking so cute. I love your taste. Speaking of tastes. What I think is funny is that recipe from Bakerella is from Betty Crocker and Betty Crocker actually a 'Supreme Brownie' line and there is one that is brownie mix on bottom and cookies on top. So is does it all for you. I buy it and make them all the time.

Jaime said...

Great idea using the painted poster board, plus you can change it up down the road if you need something different.

Brooke said...

Those are adorable! I need to find creative things like that to do with my girls! I also like the idea of putting painted poster board in your shelves!

Oh, and I have been in Manual for like a week now! The pics on my blog were taken in Manual, I love it now that i know how to use it.

Erin said...

Ok Kelly...you really are just amazing! You are the best mom to you little ones, you can decorate, you are VERY creative, you take pictures, scrapbook and the list goes on and on! When I am done looking at your blog I really do feel inspired to do something new!!

ps. I LOVE those pillows!
pss. My email is cooper120804@msn.com :)

Natasha said...

Looks like you guys are getting into the groove of things in Logan. I love your decoration. You should come decorate my house too.

Peter Lee Family said...

I really wish I could be as motivated as you are-I am sure my kids would appreciate it too=LOL! Just don't ever let them know how much fun you are or they may want a different mom!

BensonFam said...

Love the entertainment center! What a great idea to pain inside the shelves - I always hated not being able to have some color on my walls when we were in various apartments. And that water bottle pig is AWESOME! Olivia and I are so going to make some! Thanks for the great ideas!

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