Mckay's First Day of Preschool & My New Lens!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mckay had his first day of school on Wed. He actually just turned 5 and really could got to kindergarten, BUT we wanted to hold him back a year since he is right on the deadline...that way he can be the oldest in his class instead of the youngest :)

We had a REALLY REALLY hard time finding him a preschool up here. We were on about 3 waiting lists to get into one, but after calling and bugging this preschool a million times...HE GOT IN! It is so great because not only does he get to do all the important learning stuff, but he also switches off between swimming, tumbling and tennis as a daily activity. It is such a nice better be for the FREAKIN price. But, totally worth it when I see how much he loves it and is excited every day to go to school.

I cried after I got back in the car from dropping him off his first day...silly i know. But, I feel like he is all grown up and from now on he won't be home with me anymore. He will be at school and with friends and it just makes me sad to have him not be my little Mckay anymore :)

Ok enough with the sappiness- So MY NEW LENS!!! Wahoo... I have been wanting it FOREVER. So, I sold my NICE 24-70mm f/2.8L lens (which was really hard for me to do) and was able to buy a fixed 85mm f/1.8. It is gonna be so much fun...I just need to get used to it and practice LOTS more. good thing I have a cute guinea pig. Too bad I had to bribe her with pizza and a trip to the park, so there was only about 5-minutes of good light left :)

ps. I am going to be selling these headband stay tuned if you are interested :)

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Ben and Camille said...

awesome! that'll be a fun lens. and that picture looks GREAT! of course, you have the cutest model possible. she looks so much like you!

Heather said...

cute stuff! a new lens huh? that is exciting. jon will be jealous- he's been wanting a new one FOREVER. but, you know how it goes, $500+ is something we just don't have laying around! :0) i can't believe you are still pregnant - i thought with your history that you would have had piper by now - but i am so happy she is still baking!!

Amy said...

I love the headband. I seriously can't believe you are still prego!

Jenny said...

awe, it makes me want to cry thinking about sending my little one off to preschool in a couple of years too! being a mommy makes us sappy :)
LOVE that adorable picture and way cute headband! i'll look for them on the site soon.

Megan said...

Funny you mentioned it, I was just thinking how stinkin cute those headbands are! You are so talented. I wish you weren't on friggin bed rest cause I haven't had Evan's pictures done yet and I don't think I have had Anna's 'done' since you did them last. Seriously. I am a terrible mom to boot. Maybe I could bribe YOU with pizza ;)

Brooke said...

I want that lens so bad! One day in the far off future that is on my list of purchases. I get the 50 mm f/1.8 and am still trying to get used to it, it's been a process for me to get used to when it is in the 1.8-3.2 range you have to be dead on in your focus or you could totally focus on the wrong thing. Good luck!

Chelsie said...

the pics are so cute...i'm not sure what each lens does, but that pic of ky is darling. i can't believe mckay is in school...he looks like such a stud and so grown up

Maybury said...

I ordered a fixed lens about two weeks ago. I can't wait any more. I want it to come! ARGH! Seeing how nice of pictures yours takes, makes me want it worse. Darling!

becca said...

raspberry leaf tea--finally induced labor for me!

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