Piper Talking

Friday, December 11, 2009

Piper LOVES her daddy. He can get her to coo and smile and make all kinds of noises that she won't make for anyone else. Usually she goes crazy, but of course since I pull the video camera out she is isn't talking as much as she normally does. It's cute anyway though :) I just really wish that the lighting was better in this video though! Oh well, I replayed it like 10 times and it makes me laugh every time.

Ps. be sure to pause the music so you can hear her :)

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BensonFam said...

Oh my goodness she is sooooo dang CUTE! That video makes me extra baby hungry!

Jenny said...

So adorable! I LOVE baby sounds :)

Megan said...

That smile at the end is killer. She is going to be heart breaker. Seriously. She is such a gorgeous baby.

Is the the Cat in the Hat decal from PB in the background? I wanted to get it for Evan's room but I couldn't justify the price tag. Knowing you though, you found some killer deal on Ebay or something because you are the internet queen. Why can't you live closer so we can hang out more? We obviously have the same taste cause I always see similar outfits and what not that our children have....and maybe through osmosis I could absorb some of of your awesomeness. Just maybe?!

Kim said...

I mean Piper is cute and all, but really got me going was the sounds Craig was making to get her to talk. I couldn't stop laughing...oh you're so cute Craig!

Natasha said...

She's adorable!!!!

Leah said...

cute kiddo! sounds like she was trying to copy Craig's sounds :) smart little thing!hope to see you when we are in Utah NEXT WEEK.

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