Christmas, New Years, and 7 Years...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow! It has been a awesome and very busy couple of weeks :) Christmas was WONDERFUL! On Christmas Eve we went to my parents house and had a party and exchanged presents. I wish that I had pictures from it, but I was busy trying to take care of Piper. It was lots of fun though and so great being with my Parents and brothers and sisters. After the party we came home and did our little Christmas Eve traditions....

Every year we get new jammies...we decided to do an animal theme this year :)
I am not sure what this hug was for...but it is such a sweet picture. Craig is such a good daddy.

I love that both the kids believe and understand what Santa is this year. It makes it so much fun. They were so excited to leave him a donut and eggnog. Kylin had to test the donut first of course and make sure it was good.

After the kiddos went to bed Piper laid in her favorite spot while we wrapped presents...she could lay there forever and stare at the lights!
Look at the bottom of the tree :)

We had so much fun opening presents. We made it take as long as possible cause we were having so much fun. The kids each gave presents to each member of the family so that they could learn about giving and not just getting...I think they were pretty excited to give their presents.
Piper was asleep for most of it, but woke up to play in the wrapping paper.
My favorite part...lots of sweet hugs!
If any of you know Mckay, then you know this was his favorite present. Hard for me to find, but worth it! He loves all kinds of weird and gagety stuff like his grandpa and daddy. He would have been happy with just this present.

Kylin got her potty doll that she wanted (I hate the stupid thing cause it pees everywhere because she keeps taking the diaper off) and she got a baby doll crib and stroller.

Both the kids got Zhu Zhu pets and their playhouse. About 5-minutes after opening them, THIS is what happened....

It cracks me up! I feel bad that he cried. But it was soooo funny. I had to end up cutting it out of his hair. He didnt think it was funny at the time, but he LOVES to watch this movie over and over again and laughs so hard at it every time!

See the sticker? Hehe.

We went to the Howe's and hung out. We did fireworks, played dominos, and just hung out. LOTS of fun!

Gosh I love them!

Mckay has so much fun with his Uncle Mike!

We set off some AWESOME fireworks in the snow.

They got lots of cheers and smiles from the kids. Mckay and his aunt Sharl...I mean Sharlie. hehe. They adore her too!

The kids stayed till midnight and did the traditional toast with us!
Then they went down to bed on the Hideabed. They LOVE that bed even though it is so uncomfortable and couldn't wait to have a sleep over and Grandma and grandpa's!

Ok- So I realize I am REALLY SHORT! I didn't think 5'4 was too bad until you marry someone who is 6'1. Hehe. I got Craig a new camera for Christmas...just a little point and shoot, so that is why some of these Christmas and New Years pictures are so blurry because I am not quite sure how to use it yet.

We have been married for 7 YEARS today! Wowzers! I am not gonna say it has been totally easy...We are fatter, Onerier, and busier than ever. hehe.

We have had 3 beautiful wonderful kids together, moved about 10 times, and gone through lots of trials. BUT, I am glad it was with Craig and that he has been here by my side through it all. After all these years I still love him SOOO much and I am glad I have forever with HIM. He is such a wonderful, kind and amazing person to put up with me this long. I am excited for all the years to come...and eternity :) I Love you babe!!!

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The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Glad you guys had such a wonderful Christmas & New Years.
My husbands mom gave our kids those zhu zhu too and we have to keep reminding them not to put it in their hair. Your poor little guy but at the sametime funny!
You have such a darling kids!!

BensonFam said...

Oh the Zhu Zhu pet made me laugh... glad you guys had good holidays. (And happy anniversary! I always forget we have the same anniversary until you mention it on your blog.)

Megan said...

What a cute post. Man your kids are stinkin cute - I can't believe what a gorgeous baby Piper is. I could not stop laughing at the zhu zhu pet mishap - and then the sticker picture just topped it all off. Poor thing. lol. Happy New Year and happy anniversary!

Jenny said...

Looks like your holidays have been fabulous. Your kids are always darling. Piper is so sweet laying there looking at the lights! Cute jammies by the way on all the fam. Happy 7 years!

Ben and Camille said...

Looks like so much fun! You have the cutest family and you guys do such a great job. Zhu Zhu is hilarious!! And Happy Anniversary!

Tausha said...

love the pics and the movie was too funny and totally something that would happen at our house! In fact, I think something like that has happened before. Pathetic, I know, when Mom can't remember. Good thing you taped it!
Aniversary on thhe 1st or the 31st? Cool! What we do without those men who put up with us and all of our crap and craziness?

Dana said...

Your family is absolutely adorable Kelley :) I loved all your sweet pictures :)

Chelsie said...

ah poor little guy with the zhu zhu on his head...sadly it is pretty funny. i'm glad you had a good new years and christmas. i love the pic of you and craig and the your description...ha i love it

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