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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Of course on the way back home, we had to stop here -----> If you have eaten here, you can look at the picture and know where it is :) MAD GREEK!!! So is in Baker California. So if you are ever driving through...STOP and eat!

So funny story: We wanted a cheap nice place to stay and we saw a sign on the drive to Vegas with an advertisement for "Rooms only $19" well, it was at HOOTERS casino! So being a nervous (but deal hungry) mommy, I had to call the casino and ask, "If their rooms and lobby were APPROPRIATE" The lady on the phone laughed at me and told me all the rooms were a palm tree theme and that there was nothing riskay in the lobby at all. So, we booked a room. We actually only saw 1 hooters girl the whole time we were there and it wasn't half as bad as some of the girls walking the strip! I had to keep telling Mckay, "Hey look at mommy for a sec!" The kids called our hotel, "The cute OWL hotel." hehe.

"New York New York"

The kids favorite part...guess what happened soon after that picture was taken? I am sure you can guess. That entire bag sitting on Mckay's head with no hands, SPILLED all over the floor! Ya. It wasn't embarrassing at all.

My favorite part of Vegas is the Bellagio....these cool glass flowers line the whole ceiling of the Lobby. I was sad we didn't get to see the water show (it was too windy so they cancelled it)

There was tons of cool art there. We went through 3 different was some of the BEST nature photography ever by Rodney Lough Jr.

Vegas was fun, but I tell is gonna be the first place to burn and be destroyed. If ya know what I mean. hehe.

So- that was our trip....AMAZING, fun, and everything I wanted it to be!

4 Say What's:

Natasha said...

Oh!!! I definitely wanna go to that M&M's store!!!! ))))))))

Ben and Camille said...

LOVE all your pics! Looks like an AMAZING trip! So impressed you can do it with 3 kids and have so much fun. You guys are incredible.

Megan said...

Man you guys definitely got your trips worth! You hit up every place in Cali and along the way! And aren't you so happy you stopped at Mad Greek! YUMMY! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And I like the way you distracted McKay from the nasty girls. Haha. Gotta love Vegas.

.:Bree:. said...

There is a mad greek on 45th south and 9th east in SLC ;)

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