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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I have told you all how Mckay has the COOLEST preschool right? Along with GREAT education, he gets swim lessons, tennis, tumbling, and movement! So, for the next week they are having "show-off" days where the parents get to see what they have been up to all year in their activities. This was movement day and Mckay just cracks me up. He not shy, that is for sure! Look at him bust a move :)

Sorry for a little camera shake...ky was dancing and had to hold onto my leg :) These videos were actaully all taken with my 7D camera! Soooo cool to have a camera and HD video camera in one!

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Dana said...

Geez! What a cool preschool! Love Mckay's moves! ;)

Tausha said...

I wish that there would have been a preschool like that for my girlies!!
I am pretty sure he is so dang cute and smart because of his mommy!
Yes-take all of the credit!!

I haven't been able to touch base with you, have you had a chance to work on the blog at all? Did you get the email about the ad size that I want to add to the sidebar?
thanks again Kel-I am super excited for it to be done!!!

Erin said...

Ok, someone around here would be SO smart to start a preschool like this. My little Cooper is all of a sudden being SO shy. He refuses to get up and sing at church, sing at school programs and I have to bribe him to say a part at his preschool graduation! So I honestly think simple things like dancing all silly in front of each other would help them build confidence! What a COOL preschool...am I rambling?! I guess I am a little :)

I do have to say that your little guy has got some moves!! Loved this video!!

Jenny said...

so awesome...man kids are the best! he's got some sweet moves ;) oh and i'm super jealous of the camera!

Kim said...

hee hee...bust a move mckay! I saw some professional dance moves there...watch out ladies!

Megan said...

Haha. I love it. I think his spin on the floor/break dancing moves were my favorite ;) Where does he learn this stuff? lol.

Leah said...

so cute! love the last video. Kate has a CD with that song on it. Mckay is so funny!! Love it!

Chelsie said...

that is such a fun preschool! i love it!! i love the last video with the song, hilarious. he has some killer moves kel

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