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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have been trying really hard to capture everyday things around our house and I think I am doing an ok job. I have a new post like everyday. hehe. So, here is another one of those that maybe no one else will care about, but I know that Ky will remember....HER NEW APRON!

She has been buggin and buggin me to make a new apron because her other one is a little small...and we bake A LOT around here :) And even though this week is crazy busy, I decided to do something fun with her and not care about anything else and all the work I need to get done for a change! We went to Joannes and she picked out the fabric she wanted all on her own. I would have liked to do something a little more vintage inspired and when I tried to help her to pick what I wanted she said, "Mom, I thought you told me I could pick!" hehe. So I backed off and it was pony's and rainbows and sparkley purple. That girl knows what she likes and wants, that is for sure! She even helped me sew it by pressing the petal. She was so excited when it was all done and has not taken it off since....she even slept in it :) So here she is twirling like the little princess she is.

Wish I had her pick out another color for the waistband tie...oh well still cute. I made the pattern up, so I am glad it worked :)

She kept dancing, So I could not get a the perfect sun flare picture I wanted...but I just LOVE that picture still even though it is not perfect.

I have been sewing Piper lots of the tunic shirts you have been seeing her in too...I just love to sew. When things slow down a little with my photography and my Sugar Pop, I am going to try and get some aprons and tunic shirts on Etsy...TRY is the key word there :) I have 3 photo shoots I am proofing and my store is out of control with Mother's Day orders and on top of that Piper is teething and ornery as heck...I can't put her down!!! But, I can't complain because I am so SO so grateful that business is going well. I even hired someone to sew for me so that I won't go crazy :) Sorry-I will stop rambling here....maybe I spend too much time with kids all day and just need to talk in grown up language. hahaha


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Megan said...

I love the apron. And hey, you know she probably loves it so much more since she got the fabric she wanted. I am sure she will laugh at it when she is older. I am so dang impressed with all that you do. I can't believe you made that pattern up! Are you sure you don't somehow have more than 24 hours in your day?! You make me feel lazy!

Dana said...

SO cute!! I love that she's so happy she's dancing :)

Jenny said...

I'm with megan- you make me feel very unproductive. Seriously? Making up patterns, doing photography, making all your etsy orders and editing pics?! Girl, you've got three kids too? Man, stop making us all look bad ;) the apron is so CUTE!

Kristin Bishop said...

adorable. I am so happy for you that business is going good! You inspire me to not be so overwhelemed. You have 3 kids...I have ONE!

I can't believe you just made that apron pattern up! Oh to be as creative as you. You truly have a gift!

{irene} said...

I wish I knew how to sew!!!! lovely apron!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsie said...

i love that you let her pick out her fabric. she looks so cute and looks like she is in heaven with it. such a cute mom she has

Jaime said...

very cute!

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