Picnic in the Park...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It has been a pretty hard weekend, so Craig decided a picnic in the park would be a nice remedy for my sad mood. It defiantly helped a lot. It always makes me smile to see the kids having so much fun. Well, and anything that involves food makes me happy too :) hehe

That was our little picnic ant...trying to steal some food :)


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Amy said...

Hope you are doing okay :). Sorry I have been the "no-reply" on my "let's get together" request. I'm pretty sure it's too late now. But, I think I will be up to doing some fun things soon after the baby is born. I'm planning on really trying to keep our lives going and not becoming a homebody. The littler the baby is, the easier she'll be, right? Hopefully I can make it through the entire summer with a very portable newborn baby. Then I can become more of a hermit once school starts up again. Your kids are so cute! Piper is a doll! And, you look great! Love you! xoxoxo

Megan said...

I hope you are doing okay and that your day out with some food helped :) Evan is our ant too. When he sees something he wants he grabs it and in his mouth it goes before I have a second to stop it. Oh well ;)

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