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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I saw this project HERE and it is so totally me, so I had to do it! Love love how it turned out :) They are all 5x5 pictures with little white borders around them, it's like each picture is individually framed.

Sorry the pictures I took to show you all are not so great cause it was at night...but you get the idea. Looks much better in real life.

The other fun thing about this is that you can change the pictures out way easy...maybe next time I will throw some of my digi scrapbook pages in there.


4 Say What's:

Dana said...

So cute!! You are so fun Kelley, I love it :)

pickleberrylane said...

Very cute. I love the pics!

The Taylor Family said...

So cute. I love your ideas. My wall would never be as cool because the pictures you take are always so bright and vibrant.

Nate-Julienne said...

I want only a small amount of your creativity. will you send some my way? Of course after your move and settle down. Thanks!

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