Day #2

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snow Cones:
Here is Day-2 babe! I am super tired because I have been proofing sessions all day, so I am pooped. So, this gonna be short :) We had Mckay's open house for his school, that wasn't really for the kindergarten, so the kids just played at the park and had snow cones instead. They LOVES them snow cones :) and they LOVE their new snow cone machine we bought them and never get tired of eating them.... although I get tired of making them :) They had 3 today!

IHOP: I needed to get out and do something fun with the kids after working all day, and so I let them pick where they wanted eat. I figure since you are eating out all day every day living it up...we should too ok at least once :) j/k I know you are working hard. They picked Ihop and it was a lot of fun. Mckay ate his entire plate!

This is Mckay giving the poor waiter very detailed instructions of what he wants :)

We took them to the "Despicable Me" movie at the drive-in a week ago and they LOVED IT, so they were pretty excited that it was all over the menus... they got little minion bits :)

Anyone who knows Ky, knows how much she drinks!

I don't know if I am gonna make it...I miss you lots honey! The longest we have not been together is 4 days...hopefully I don't die on day five :) xoxox LOVE YOU!


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BensonFam said...

Oh my heck... THREE WEEKS!!!!? Cameron left for two days and one night last week to go on a boys fishing trip and I had the worst night ever. Your posts for Craig are adorable! Here's to hoping the time goes quickly!! :)

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