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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My favorite Season ever is finally here...The smell, sweaters, slipper boots, crunchy leaves in beautiful colors, the smell, baking...I could go on and on! I just wish fall wasn't followed by winter! Why can't it be fall and then spring :) So, since it is my favorite season and Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays, I have been busy decorating, baking, and doing crafts. Here are the decorations I put up thanks to some nagging and nudging from Mckay *I think he loves Halloween as much as me! The best part is that of course I did it on a tight budget and I want to share, in case there are other poor people out there that need ideas :)

This is my shelf above my TV....I'm pretty happy how it turned out....here are the details:

I live next to a field, so I cut down those branches and spray painted them black, I got the round mirror from the DI for $3 and the two pumpkins on the side from Hobby Lobby for about $8 dollars for both.

The straw in the middle jar I also picked from my field :) The crows are from Michaels they are $3 a piece. They used to have non-glitter ones but they were all sold out :( The old window I got from my mom a while back and the glass broke when I moved last....I LOVE it old rusticness! To keep it simple and not too busy, I just wrapped a Styrofoam wreath in orange fabric with a hot glue gun and attached it with some ribbon. I used one of my old frames and cut up a black & white polka dot gift bag to put in the frame and glued a flower to it that I had laying around.

The candle sticks are from the DI for $1 a piece...look at the picture below. The books are also from the DI for $1 a piece. I used a old frame from, you guessed it, the DI. I put orange fabric in it and glued on a spider silhouette.

and TADA, that is my Halloween shelf for under $20. Can you tell how many times I have used that sheet to spray paint. haha!

I made these pumpkins from fabric I had around. HERE is a wonderful tutorial....I am sure you have all seen them before. I had to think of something for my coffee table that is wouldn't matter if Piper got to and pulled down :)

I got this idea from HERE, she had the templates you can print and everything! I got the frames for $1 each and spray painted them and added ribbon. Sooooo cute!

Made these pillows for my couch from a simple panel and JoAnns. The kids picked them out....we also make new pillow cases every year for each holiday. So they have some spooky pillow cases too.
I sat and tied this wreath for my front door one night with some left over fabrics from my bin. HERE are the directions. I used a wreath from the dollar store though.

I also made this small table runner....I thought it would be good for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This is our huge spider outside our front door...he's the kiddos favorite part :) It has been so fun decorating with the kids...I think this week we are gonna do a count down chain and make some bats and get ready for our big annual Halloween Party! I Can't wait!

I thought I would also share some things I love and am totally digging right now about Fall:

Hot cocoa with Ghost Marshmallows *you can get the marshmallows from walmart

Watching Football while snuggling
All the beautiful colors in Sardine:

The Smell: Scentsy "Clove and Cinnamon"....LOVE!
Sweater Capes from Old Navy:
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes...HERE is the recipe *can't remember where I got this recipe, but I LOVE it!
I hope you are all having a wonderful Fall so far!


9 Say What's:

Kim said...

oooohh! Fall is my favorite too. I did something very similar to your shelf wall...love decorating at this time of year. Sorry we didn't get up there Saturday. Hope we can get together soon. Feeling any better??? love ya!

Ben and Camille said...

SO cute! I love all your projects. Super darling.

Kate said...

LOVE when you share all your darling projects. Too fun - thank you!!

Amy said...

Love the decorations! So festive! You are so talented!

Parker and Carly said...

Ok. That's it. I'm spending my day stealing your ideas. :)

Virginia Bowden said...

Kelley, I love all your ideas! So cute as usual!

That's what we said: said...

These are awesome! Thanks for sharing! My fave is the table runner. You've inspired me.

Susana said...

those decorations are super cute ....THANK YOU for sharing ....

Steve, Heather, and Jackson said...

way cute! you are so creative! always have been! hey, are you still making/selling those camera straps?

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