"Our" Pumpkin Patch...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Every year we go to the same pumpkin patch...that is why I call it "our" pumpkin patch. It really is Lyle Dabbs patch in Ogden...just down the road from the Weber Country fair grounds. I have pictures there of my kids starting from when Mckay was 2-months old...even before I had this blog. This year was no exception and the kids had a GREAT time picking out their pumpkins and weighing them!

It was fun to have Piper here this year, last year was the first year we didn't go because she was a little sick. She loved climbing all over the pumpkins.

So crazy how old and grown up he looks now.

Kylin was very picky about her pumkin.....
even though she couldn't lift it on her own. hehe!

They loved weighting them....our heaviest one was Kylins at 21 pounds.

There was tons of little kittens running around this year too for them to play with, which they LOVED. They were all really tame so the kids carried them around the patch.

Mckay especially loved them.

And of course it wouldn't be a trip to the pumpkin patch with out the "Pumpkin Head Man" I love family traditions! We are going to carve them on Monday and I can't wait cause I love doing it.

This is Craig and I...not Lyle :) Halloween, pumpkin patches and Carving pumpkins are always special to me because that is how Craig proposed...my ring was inside a pumpkin I was carving (he went in through the bottom). Now here we are almost 8-years and 3 kids later!


6 Say What's:

Jenny said...

cute, cute lil pumpkins you have! love all the pictures, and i love the cute proposal story :)

oh, and CUTE halloween crafts! you're so creative.

Amy said...

Love the pics! You are so talented! And, your family is so stinkin cute!

Heather said...

cute. rowan has the same coat as mckay! i couldn't pass it up- perfect for fall and the price was just right! :0)

Amy said...

I think I am always one step behind you! The preschool I have Ella in and had Rhett in always goes to lyle's for a field trip. We just went today and he told me craig and his family were just here. I missed last year because I had no preschool age kids, but went the year before that and I remember him telling me then that Craig and his family had just come in. Crazy!!! What a fun place and your pictures are darling.

BensonFam said...

Cute cute cute (and I have never heard your proposal story before - what an awesome story!)

Megan said...

Such a fun activity! Your pictures are great - the colors are so vibrant! Did you guys match your clothes accordingly as well. I wouldn't put it past you ;)

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