I think I'm in Love...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I know most of you don't live and breath photography like me, but I have wanted the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L lens for a while now, so come tax season I am gonna get it as an early birthday present...hopefully. I don't usually or ok NEVER get $1,500 birthday presents, but hey it's for my business!!! :) So, I rented it because I wanted to test it out first to see if it is worth all the buckoo bucks. Plus I have 2 weddings coming up that I want to use it on.

It came in the mail today and of course I had to play with it a bit so, I grabbed my two cute guinea pigs. They wanted to play outside anyways so it was perfect. And let me tell you, this lens is AMAZING...worth every penny or I should say hundred dollar bill! When people ask me why I charge $200 a session....this lens will be my answer :)

The kids had lots of fun outside even though the snow wasn't fresh. I was out there for about 5 minutes shooting and Kylin said, "Mommy when are you just gonna leave us alone at let us play!" hehe. All I wanted was one picture of them together...Gheez

for those of you who like techi info....most of these were shot at f/2.8 ISO 400 and at 1/500. Let me tell ya though, this lens is heavy...it's like the size of my arm! hehe.

Look at the beautiful depth of field....ahhhhh I think I am in love :)

ps. All of you wondering about my nice long hair in the previous post....yepo they are extensions and I love them too!

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Ben and Camille said...

okay so love the pictures. you had the 24-70mm f2.8 didn't you at one point? you sold it though. did you like that one and why did you sell it? i have the 70-200mm 4.0 and rarely use it because it's waaay too close up for me and i want the bigger aperture. you can email me back if it's easier:)

Jenny said...

ooooh, merry christmas to YOU! gorgeous photos. and i love the cute cookie houses you made!

Anonymous said...

Corine fail!


The Taylor Family said...

Hey Kelly. That lense is intense for little old me. I think you are just good at taking pictures. You look great with extensions. I love how you always change your hair. Its fun! I DO hair and I NEVER change mine. I'm so boring. I saw your last few posts and I hope you are doing well and feeling good. Have a Merry Christmas

Megan said...

Bow wow chica wow wow. That lens is awesome. But then again, I thought your pictures before where great too!

I hope you guys start feeling better!

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