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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Every year we make these cookie houses at my parents house and the kiddos LOVE it! I loved it when I was a kid too and it brings back so many memories. I am trying to do better and making more posts on this blog because I am making our family blog into a book for Christmas and I realized I really want to do more posts of everyday stuff :) So here are our cookie houses.

I helped Ky with the building this year, which isn't the best idea because I am not a great builder...I am a decorator :)

Mckay did his mostly on his own this year, he was very determined and particular about how he wanted it to look.

His fished house....so cute! I am not sure about this new tight lipped smile he has been doing lately though!

We only had time to make the kids each one this year, but they were a lot of fun!

4 Say What's:

Ben and Camille said...

you look so cute! your hair is getting long! love the idea!!

Dana said...

So cute! I LOVE your new header too Kelley! Your family is just adorable! Love it! :)

Megan said...

Has it really been that long since you have posted a picture of yourself? Or does your hair just grow really fast? Either way it looks super cute!

Erin said...

Love this idea!
Love your HAIR (hello hottie :)
and I just think you have one cute little family!

I still check you blog all.the.time...i just forget to leave you comments :)

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