A Very Merry Christmas....

Friday, December 31, 2010

We had a great Christmas this year, I got all giddy and didn't sleep well the night before waiting for the kids to open their presents....I think I was just excited as they were...well maybe :) They spent the night in our room sleeping on our floor and woke us up before the sun was up to open presents. I enjoyed watching every second of them tearing into those presents. Of course we made them go one at a time to make it last as long as possible. I am so grateful for all our many blessings. I am thankful we have the money to buy our kids presents, a roof over our heads and plenty of food to eat, because I know there are many people that don't have that and I am so THANKFUL! I talked a lot with the kids this year about Jesus and what we could do to celebrate his birthday. On Christmas morning we sat in bed and talked about what we could do for Jesus on his birthday. Mckay said being nice to others and helping mommy would make Jesus happy for his birthday. It made me SO happy to know that they listened and really knew what Christmas was about. I am so thankful for Jesus and his amazing life and sacrifice for me and each of us. I love him so much!

Here are a few pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas....

Of course we always get new jammies. Mckay got Mario, Kylin Hello Kitty, and Pip Cupcakes. And Craig bought me the most COMFY jammies ever!

On Christmas Eve we had a big party at my family's house (except Craig who had to work) and had a huge smorge (feast) and opened presents. The highlight was my mom made cute rag quilts of kitties and bears for all the grandkids....I wish I had brought my camera and taken pictures! I know they were a lot of work and soooo cute! Then we got home and left Santa his scrumptious home-made donut (made by my mom) and eggnog and some lettuce for Rudolph. The kids sprinkled oats for the reindeer and magic glitter outside so Santa could find us easier.

Also, Mckay has this great idea to set up my camera to catch Santa. So, we caught Santa in our living room and they were soooo excited (see my previous post for a picture) He said the camera was motion activated :) What a little smartie!

Christmas morning Pip went under the sheet (it is a Stanford tradition to always put a sheet up in front of the doorway, and then move the sheet and all go in together) and she beelined it for the leftover of Santa's donut...she didn't care about all those presents, just wanted that donut! And yes, she always looks like a CRAZY because she won't keep her hair pulled back! haha.

On Mckay's Christmas list was a star from Mario Galaxy....so guess who stayed up Christmas Eve making him one till 2 a.m. ??? But, it was TOTALLY worth it because it was his favorite present! He has been carrying it around everywhere :)

My favorite part....the hugs. This year they each used their own money and picked out presents for one another. SO cute!

I love this picture of Boo with his new new pillow pet.

Ky was SOOO positive that Santa was going to bring this tower to her, but we didn't find out she had her heart set on it util 1 week before Christmas! I really didn't want to tell her Santa couldn't bring it. So, Thank you amazon....it came on Christmas Eve! wheew! Her and Pip were sooooo excited!

Kylin is pretty obsessed with Rapunzel right now. She got the dress, hair and shoes and has been wearing them non stop :) Let me tell you though, that hair is a HUGE tangled mess now...and since it isn't real hair you can't comb through it! haha.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a great New Years Eve tonight!!!!

ps. a few of you were wanting to know where I got these cute frames....HERE they are and they are on sale. WAHOO! I love them. Lauren Grier is one of my favorite designers...I got the cute presents, string of lights, and Christmas wording on our Pj picture from her too. I am going to try to start scrapbooking again hopefully now the photography will slow down a bit :)

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Megan said...

Tangled mess. Hehe. You're funny.

Looks like a fantastic Christmas! I love Pip with the donut. Awesome!

Dana said...

So fun :) Kade got that dolphin pillow pet too! Looks like your kiddos (and you :P) had a blast! You are so cute Kelley :) And I LOVE Mckay's picture idea!

Jenny said...

looks like a very magical christmas! your kids are so darling together :)

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