Before Daddy Leaves....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We have been trying to do lots of fun things before Craig leaves back to work for another 2 weeks and he leaves tonight :( It is hard doing this 2 weeks working and one week off shift. Hopefully in the next couple months it will change and we will be able to live by each other again :) As our last fun thing before he's gone, we went to one of our favorite places, Bear Lake. It was crazy because our usual perfect private spot we always go to was completely under water. So, we ended up at North Beach which was a lot of fun too. The kids could go out really far before it even got deep. The weather was perfect and warm and it was just a really fun day hanging out as a family. Plus Craig bought me the CUTEST new purse I've ever seen at this awesome boutique *best hubby EVER* And getting some yummy raspberry shakes and pizza afterwards wasn't too shabby either! :)

Piper has probably missed him the most...well besides me of course :)

I FINALLY have a picture of pip looking at the camera and actually smiling. I think it's the first one EVER! So yes, I love this picture.

I hope you all don't think Pip is anorexic...I couldn't find her swimsuit so she is wearing Ky's. haha. I do feed my children!

As we were leaving a HUGE storm came in and I saw this old house and had to get out and take a picture before the downpour. A little HDR edit :)

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All of your pictures are darling. looks like and sounds like you guys had fun. Hang in there, I know how you feel about hubby's being gone!

Jenny said...

Just caught up on your blog. Darling darling pictures as always if the kids! They're getting so big. Yay for the new job, boo for time apart. I'll put out the colorado vibe for you, flights to Texas are a LOT.

That picture of you and piper is so cute!

Kim said...

u can do it...all i can think of is Adam Sandler's side kick when I type this. Love Bear Lake! Glad you are making the best of your time!

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