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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Like I was saying on FB, this was a REALLY hard shoot trying to get the kids to look at the camera, hold a squirmy pip and remember to smile myself. Let me tell ya, now I have lots more sympathy for those families I take pictures of than I ever have before :) But, I am glad I had these taken because I love them! Love these sweet moments I have with each of my kids.

So, who took these you ask? If you don't know, I'm also blog designer in my spare time*haha, is there such a thing* and I have designed a friend of mine's blog who is also a fellow photographer, her name is Brittany Cascio and she is AWESOME! I like to do trades with friends and family, so for designing her blog I got a photo shoot from her :) Well, since Craig is gone, I decided to get some pictures with the kiddos. I edited them all because she was super busy. Soooo weird for me to be in front of the camera so much this past week! Not used to seeing my face so much. haha. Anwyays, here they are...and they are just what I was imagining in my head :) Thanks Britt you did an awesome job with us CRAZY people!

I wish I had something different for Ky to wear, I didn't get her outfit done in time, so we kinda improvised :( Not ideal, but at least she matched! Her and Pip were going to have the same shirts in yellow and orange...And I didn't notice Mckay wasn't wearing shoes. haha, like I said it was CRAZY! Keep telling myself...embrace imperfection...embrace imperfection :)
Pip is who made this shoot crazy and hard..gotta love her though :)
If you guys want to make a shirt like Piper's, it was pretty easy and HERE is the tutorial I used.

And that's us! I love my sweet kiddos so much! Being a mom is the hardest thing I think I'll ever do, but I am SO grateful that Heavenly Father has trusted me with these sweet little spirits. Every night I go to bed hoping I can be good enough for them and teach them to be amazing people. Always remember mommy loves you my babies!

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Amy said...

Those pictures are so sweet! I love them! You look great and your kids look adorable! Makes me want some cute pictures of my own family... Hope Piper is feeling better! Our move might be delayed by a few days. Maybe Friday would work for hanging out if you're up to it (unless something magical happens and the perfect rental appears...) Love you lots!

Megan said...

The pictures are amazing and your family is always!

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