Thanksgiving Point...Cornbelly's

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall is my FAVORITE season, and I like to get out as a family and enjoy it. We play in leaves, have picnics in Sardine canyon, go to Pumpkins patches and this year Sheila (my MIL) and I took the kids to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. It was A LOT of fun, but a lot of work chasing 3 kids around :) So thank goodness Sheila came with me because I don't know that I could have done it alone. It was worth the trouble though because we all had a blast!

They had huge stacks of hay that the kids could climb up and there were slides on the sides, plus they had about 6 tunnels that all connected underneath to climb through,. Pip loved running through the tunnels and then pop out in random places and run off. So, sheila went on one side and I went on the other, then we would see which tunnel she came out of and catch her before she ran off! Little Stinker :p

Ky could have spent forever roping this bull, eventually we had to move it closer :) It was pretty cute watching her.

This is pip's style all the way! Who needs to ride the horse when you can just grab the actual bull and ride it! I think this is how she is going to go through life, "grabbing the bull by the horns" out world!

We really liked watching the pig races. Pretty funny to see these fat piggies running around.

I think one of our favororite activities was the Corn maze. We only did the kids one, but it was PERFECT and took about 15 minutes to get through. There were they fun wheels that you could spin and whatever you landed on, you had to do what it said till the next station. Things like, "walk like a duck and quack", or "Lock arms, hiss and zig zag like a snake." Super fun! Wish I could get more pictures but it was getting dark.

Piper was happy because she had candy and could run as fast and far as she wanted.
The little cow train was our last ride. Funny, I remember fitting in it much better when Mckay was two! Helps that I weighted 20 pounds less then!!! haha.

My favorite thing, was the marshmallow roasting. They have a smores kit you can buy for a good price, and then you can just sit around and roast your mallows and eat smores.

We had such a good time and I hope the kids made some great memories. Missed you Craig...

4 Say What's:

Ben and Camille said...

so fun!! love your long hair and that color is awesome! you and your kids are adorable:)

Alison said...

We went to Cornbellys for the first time last year! It is so cute! I love it! We stayed closer to home this year and went to Black Island Farms instead.

haileynicolle said...

what a bunch of cuties!!

Megan said...

This was my first year not going to Cornbelly's since I have moves here! Sniff. Looks like you guys had lots of fun though! I love the picture of Pip on the bull. Too cute!

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