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Friday, November 4, 2011

I think Halloween is such a fun holiday and defiantly one of my favorites! So, every year we send out invites and throw a Halloween party and this year was no exception. I think I may even have more Halloween decorations than Christmas ones. haha. Thanks for coming everyone, it wouldn't have been as fun without you!


We always get dry ice for the punch or I mean BLOOD because the kiddos love it. We kept it really dark at the party and had a black light and lots of orange Halloween lights. And there was spooky music playing the whole time in the background.

Kylin was so into helping me with this party. She sat on my lap while searching through the internet and of course Pintrest and picked the things she wanted for the party. These spider suckers were a "must have" on her list. So she sat for an hour with me and crepe papered and twisted them till they resembled spiders.

There was LOTS of spooky food, but I forgot to take pictures of it :( People started coming and I just had to hurry and snap some pictures.
This was Kylin's other "must-have" she wanted spiders in ice cubes....so spiders she got! Poor shanon was drinking her soda and I guess her ice cubes melted and she got a mouth full of spider! hehe.

Meet OCTI....this spider is the newest member of our family during the month of October. The kids LOVE him, but I think I love him most because he is like Santa in a way. He watches the kids all day and if they are naughty, at night he comes alive and crawls into their beds and BITES them. That sounds totally mean but the kids think it is HILARIOUS *and they know it isn't going to really happen*. We sing, "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm tell you why, because Octi is coming to BITE you tonight!" Don't call child services on me k.

Watching the kids do the donut game was the funniest thing EVER. I was laughing so hard.

We also did bobbing for apples, but it was super easy because they just pulled them out by the stems instead of biting the sides. It was still fun though.

Then people sat around, ate, talked or watched a kids scary movie. I think this was the "Shrek" Halloween one. Usually we watch Headless Horsemen cartoon, but thought we would do something different this year. After the kids went to bed the adults stayed up and watched "Gremlins". I love Halloween, but I CANNOT handle scary movies. I fell asleep during Gremlins ...probably would have been to scary for me anyways :)

SUPER FUN PARTY! Thanks again for coming everyone!


Pumpkin carving is always special for me, I've told you this before, but Craig proposed to me by hiding my ring in the bottom of a pumpkin and I found it gutting it. So I LOVE carving pumpkins! The kids......

Maybe not! HAHA. Mckay starting dry heaving and gagging while pulling the guts out. hehe. So, I pulled most of them out and he just scraped and dumped them in the bowl. That way he wouldn't have to touch them. Usually I make Craig pull out the guts of ALL the pumpkins, but I sucked it up this year and helped.

Still sporting his Luigi mustache from his school parade. He saw these pictures and was like, "Mom, can you take that out in photoshop please." Funny that my kid knows my photoshop skills. haha. Sorry little man, I am leaving is because I think it is cute!

Ky was the only one that did a pattern this year. She wanted to do our cat Jack because we got Jack on Halloween 7 years ago so his real name is "Jack-o-lantern"

Pip really got into the carving this year...a little too much! Surprised Craig has both of his eyes still!

What CUTE little pumpkins we have!!!

This is what the kiddos were for Halloween this year:

Sad that they are old enough to pick what they want to be now instead of me getting to pick...at least I still got to pick Pip's :) And they really did all look ADORABLE!

It was SO MUCH fun going trick-r-treating this year. I loved seeing all my kids, but Piper was especially fun. She went to each house, knocked on the door and as soon as they opened it she made herself at home and walked right in and said the cutest "tick-r-treat" I have EVER heard in my life and then would dig out handfuls of candy until we stopped her and told he "one", then she put it in her bag say the SWEETEST "dank you" and run off for the next house. Melts my heart just thinking about how stinkin cute she is!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful HALLOWEEN too!

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Megan said...

Your party looks awesome. And I think the octi idea is genius! I might be stealing that idea - ANYTHING to try and get my friggin kids to behave ;)

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