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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I have had lots of you asking to see what my new house looks like...so here it is finally! Plus, i think its important to take pictures of your house. Its a place I want our family to remember. There is still TONS I need to do on it, things I need to change and lots more projects I have in mind. Thank you Pintrest! But, it's a start and I am LOVING our new place so much!


I am really into grey & yellow right now. I know this bright yellow might not seem like a soothing bedroom color to a lot of people, but it is for me. It makes me so happy in the morning and I think the grey and brown really ground it and tone it down :) Soon I will be painting the walls grey! I just need more hours in the day.

The yellow pillows are from Crate & Barrel, grey pillow & throw is from Ross, Bed from Ikea, bedspread from Target. Lamps and bench are thrifted and fixed up.

These lamps were SUPER ugly when I got them. They were a cheesy brass with massive pointed lamp shades. I painted them a cheery yellow and made the chevron lamp shades. I think of all the things in my room the lamps are my favorite :)

Now I just need to sand and paint the new awesome side tables I found!

I made these pictures in photoshop & then printed & framed them. Cheap and cute artwork. They are my view from my bed. The crazy thing is, is that I did not have to buy one single frame.

I printed this butterfly picture with the some newspaper print behind it.

The "c&k" we super cheap chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby, I just wrapped them in yellow yarn.

The vase is from DI and I painted it.

I thifted all the mirrors and painted them. I also thrifted the desk, painted it and got some new cute knobs for it. The stool was thrifted, painted and I reupholstered it. Now I have an awesome vanity to put my makeup on.

This owl is one of my favorite things. I bought him from ebay for $6. He was just white plaster, so I spray painted him and glued him on a little stand I got from the DI.

I also love my new mustache cup I made...the cup was only .50 and he makes me happy every-time I have my morning cocoa.

I think this guy might be my favorite part of our bedroom :)


When you come into my house, to the right is a beautiful arched doorway and instead of a nice sitting room *which I would never have used* I made it into my office.

I love owls :)

I think I might have an obsession with lamps! It was another cool DI find that I painted. The white table I also got from the DI, sanded and painted. I made the bird burlap pillow using my vinyl machine and a template and then painted it with fabric paint.

If you can't tell I REALLY like color. This office is bright and cheery...just the way I like it. I found the bar stools for $3 a piece and painted and reupholstered them. Super easy! My kids sit there and color or do homework while I work.

I got he huge frame (probably a 20x30) for $5 and painted it. I wrapped fabric around bulletin board squares (you can get the squares from walmart)and then put it in the frame....and tada, a cute place to tack stuff. The other 2 are just painted frames with the "notes and "calendar" on white paper on the inside of the frame. That way they are dry erase boards that I can change as much as I want to.

I love my white desk. A lot of work to paint it...but it so fresh and bright.

I love this large saying on my wall. It is the first thing you see when you walk in and it totally fits our family. I Love you vinyl machine.... I don't know what I would do without you.


If you can't tell my favorite colors are green and blue and I LOVE white. I really want to change all the brown to grey *because I LOVE grey*, but that will take some time and husband convincing :) I love how much light my house has now and all the windows. This place has been a dream since we moved from a small dark condo.

I have never had a fireplace before and it has been really great to sit there with the kiddos and read.

I got that chair from the DI for $5 and it was in pretty good shape, so all I had to do was find the perfect fabric and reupholstered it. Now, I love it!

If you can't tell, I have an "H" theme going on :) I think I have 5 in that room! This one is just a cheap letter "h" from Joannes, I painted it and a $1 frame. I framed the burlap and glued on the letter. Easy!

Our deck, we hung out here all the time in the summer, ate and watched the sunset.

You can get these HUGE letters from Joannes for $8 I think. I wrapped mine in twine to give it more character :)

This banquet/dresser/ sofa table I got for $15 at the DI and painted it green of course. I'm really obsessed with green!

I made these lampshades out of the same fabric I reupholstered the chair with, so they match.

I have ALWAYS wanted a window bench, so my SIL's dad built it for me...I am in love! I made it some seat cushions to add color and comfort. I had to add some plastic on top because fabric + 3 messy kids at the table don't mix so well. I am still in the process of making some cute pillows and window treatments.

The table cloth is just burplap and I sewed lace around the outside. The vase it from hobby lobby. I got my table from KSL for $40 and sanded and white washed it.

I am working on getting some cool chairs for my new thrifted table. I want them to not be so matchy matchy. But, it works for now.

I got my hutch for $20 at the DI...LOVE IT! Best find ever! It still needs some TLC and new hardware, but it is functional in the mean time. I am still deciding if I am going to keep it blue or paint it green or white.

It's been really fun for the kids having a bar and fun for me having a kitchen that has lots of room for me to bake!!!

ps. that chalkboard hanging on the pantry door is just a cheap door mirror that I painted with chalkboard paint. You just tape off the frame part and make sure you use a foam roller to roll on the paint. It's nice because it already comes with the door hanging stuff. Now I have a place for my menu and shopping list.

This leads to my downstairs. I have an OBESSSION with frames, so I didn't have to buy a single one and came up with this collage. The basement is where all the kids toys are, my sewing craft room and exercise equipment.


Chicken wire stapled to the back of frames. The kids hang their art work from school there with clothes pins.

I couldn't really get a good picture of the mudroom because it is pretty narrow. But there is a big chest for shoes and a closet for extra coats and winter stuff and a 1/2 bath. I have always dreamed of having a mudroom!

This last picture is Mckay's dresser I just found and painted. I can't wait to do his and the girls rooms!!! I am realizing that I have a HUGE obsession with thrifting, but it is fun for me to see things so ugly and then get a new life. I love finding their potential! It's my new hobby....like I need or have time for another one. haha.

So that's our place. I love it and I hope you maybe got some DIY ideas. I have the best hubby ever. He works so hard for our family so that we can have a good place to live. I feel very blessed.

7 Say What's:

Alison said...

I LOVE it!

Amy said...

Your house is gorgeous! You are so talented!

Heather said...

Seriously. I don't know how you do it. EVERY place you live in always looks cute- no matter how long you plan on living there! And while I have a list a mile long of "DIY projects," I never actually get around to doing them- especially the ones that require sanding and painting!! (I have had a desk and dresser for 2+ years that still need to be painted- the stripping of the old paint got old real fast.) Come help me! We've had our house for over a year, and it still looks like we're moving in! Where do you find the time and energy- AND all the great furniture finds! Man. I haven't found a good piece of furniture in forever! It all looks great- you did a good job.....again! You put us all to shame!

Jenny said...

Do you ever sleep?? Good gracious! Love it all!

Kim said...

Love the way your house came together....I feel so bad and it sucks that you have to just pack it all up again! Seriously! But at least you have it all to just put up in your new home. Our bedrooms are twins! :)

Megan said...

I just don't even have an eye for that kind of stuff. Like, I look at your hosoe and think I love that! But I would never be able to come up with it on my own. Which is why my house is drab and boring. Plus I am just too lazy to do it all myself, and too poor to buy it so I just settle. lol. You amaze me.

Cordell and Sarah said...

You are so talented! I don't know where you find the energy...I am lucky to keep up on the day to day. I love all your ideas...just what I would love to do...someday! Thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas. Love them all.

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