December in Pictures.....LOTS of Pictures!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

This has been the CRAZIEST month ever! A crazy but WONDERFUL month. I am sure it is the same way for all of you too :) I finally finished editing all my photo sessions *insert cheering here*, so now it is really starting to feel like Christmas to me since all my work and stress is done. But, through it all I still had to make the time to make memories with my family. So, here is our December so far in pictures...

He gets into lots of trouble! This is the first year we have done "Elf on a shelf", and it has been SO MUCH fun! We love our Doodles. Thanks to my Sis Kim for telling me how much fun it was.


 This is one of my favorite ornaments. It is Mckay's first Christmas...Celebrating him and when our lives changed forever. Each of my kids first year ornaments are very special to me.

That cute fat bear is my favorite childhood ornament. 

Of course they had to sleep by the tree that night :)

It's a tradition every year to ride Trax to Salt Lake with the Howe's and see the Temple square lights. I love it so much and so do the kids.

 So glad that my Craig was here to go with me. He really is my other half and I don't feel like myself without him.

I love this picture of Mckay starring up at the Savior.

I laughed so hard when Pip turned into Jello for Santa.

My kids make Christmas so magical and special. I love this time of year so much! 

4 Say What's:

Kim said...

love all the great photos...i love december...thanks for the update!

Megan said...

I love Piper's pink coat. Looks like you guys have been having lots of holiday fun. I love this time of year. Now if I could just stop shoving my face full of treats....

Ben and Camille said...

i'd be a little scared of that santa too:) haha. looks like fun!!

Amy said...

Your kids are adorable! Your tree is beautiful! I missed Temple Square lights this year. And, I'd have to agree that baby's 1st Christmas ornaments are very special to me as well. I can't believe we both have 3 kiddos now! I miss you so much! Hope your holidays are merry! Love you! xoxoxo

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