Calico - Ghost Town - Yermo California

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well, we just got back from vacation and we had soooo much fun! Of course we went to California like we do every year. haha.  I tried to talk Craig and the kids into something different, but I was informed by the kids that it would not be a vacation without Disneyland, So I was out voted!  Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't love me some Disneyland, but I'd like to go to other places too :)  So, with that in mind, Craig promised we would do some different things this year to mix it up.  To start, we stopped by this really cool old Ghost town, ate lunch and explored the town and mine. The kids even thought it cool.

I have to tell you, I accidently left my nice SLR camera at home :( What photographer does that I don't know! By the time I realized it was sitting at home on the table, we were too far to turn around and get it. So, we stopped and got me a little Canon Elf point and shoot. It defiantly was hard not to have my nice camera and get used to a little one with a really long delay on it. To have no control over my exposure and f-stop was really weird too.  But, any pictures is better than none! So, I was grateful...just missed my baby.

The kids did really great on the drive, we were prepared with books and i touches and ipads, lots of treats and could they not be good. I remember the days when I was kid and took road trips. All there was to do was look out the window or play road trip games...Oh, how times have changed. We still did some games, but for the most part they were occupied :)

I will be posting the rest of our trip in separate posts, that way I don't get overwhelmed :) It was a lot of great memories and I can't wait to post the pictures.

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Megan said...

I love that you bought another camera. I would have just used my phone. Oh wait. That is what I use anyway. lol. I suck. Your kids are riding in style. We are still those lame parents who have no gadgets for the kids. Eek.

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