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Thursday, March 29, 2012

So, I am taking a little break in between California posts to write about something that happened this morning. I was pretty furious at the time and called Craig having a huge fit, but he started laughing and I realized it was pretty funny, and I started laughing too. I told him he better not be laughing when I have him talk to mckay about listening to his mommy! haha.  Craig told me to write it down on the blog so we can remember it and tell Mckay about it someday.

What am I talking about? My rebellious 7 year old! He has a lots of weird quirks like his mama, and one of them is he HATES HATES HATES long sleeve shirts. It is a daily battle with him to agree on something for him to wear. Usually in the winter, it is a short sleeve shirt with a sweater and coat over top. So, back to what happened this morning. We had a little big tiff before he left for the bus because he was all out of short sleeve shirts and so I had him wear a simple long sleeve one. He was so mad he wouldn't tell me goodbye, let alone give me a hug or kiss and ran out to the bus. 

So, thinking he was catching the bus I went in to run a bath and then Kylin came running in telling me that he had come back from the bus stop and taken off the shirt. I threw on some clothes, and ran out to the bus stop barefoot, thinking he had put back on his jammies (that has happened before). I ran to the bus and pulled him off and opened up his coat and to my surprise saw his bare chest!!! I am sure he thought about asking for help when he saw the furry in my eyes! haha. I dont know what he was planning on doing when his teacher made him take his coat off.  I know all the mom's were laughing at me and wondering why this crazy, barefoot lady was chasing down the bus! I was so embarrassed. So, after the bus pulled away, I opened up his coat and showed them, then they laughed even harder. I have realized I have a very sneeky and rebellious little man on my hands that will find a way to get what he wants even if it means going shirtless to school! THE END.

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Ashlee said...

This is very funny! Something you will always remember. What a funny kid you have.

Amy said...

As an outsider... this is very funny. :) If I was his momma, I'd be furious too! What a great memory!

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