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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yes, we go here every year, but we never get sick of it!  Plus the kids informed me that it wasn't a vacation unless we went to Disneyland and California Adventures :) haha. This year was a lot of fun because all the kids were old enough to go on the rides and pip was old enough to be TOTALLY excited about princesses. She calls Disneyland, "Dreamland". I couldn't agree more...

Just the kids mauling the characters! haha. I am sure Winnie the pooh and Tigger were scared to see 3 little kids charging them because they were so excited. My kids LOVE the new Winnie the Pooh movie.
 We have always wanted to go to the restaurant inside the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride. Finally this year we planned ahead and made reservations. It was so cool! And that kids had fun pretending to be pirates. I guess pip thinks that pirates poke their eyes out. haha!

Mckay is a great pirate because he has not teeth!

 It was so fun that piper was able to go on rides this year!

They were both so sweet with the Princesses at the Faire. Piper had to sit on their laps and hug every one of them. Ky is never usually shy unless she is around Princesses, but this year she was a lot less scared. She had to show them all her beautiful Ariel locket she got. I love her Ariel costume she got for Christmas this year, she looked so cute in it :)

 I decided that if my photography business ever goes under and Craig has no job, that I am moving to Cali to be a face painter at Disneyland! They make BANK! The kids begged to get their faces painted and we dropped some serious money here, but it was worth it because they loved it and looked so cute :)
 I have never seen Piper hold so still in my life.

 This is Piper's new favorite way to get around. She ADORES her big brother so much!

We love going to lunch at Ariels Grotto in California Adventures. The food is so good and the kids get to have all the princesses come to the table. I thought Mckay would think it was lame having to hang out with Princesses, but he informed me that he likes pretty girls. Uh oh!

 Such a fun couple of days. I hope the kids always remember going to Disneyland because this might be the last time we go there for a long time. If you all don't know....we are moving to San Antonio TEXAS!  We will be leaving Utah for good at the end of June.  I know it is the right thing so that we can be together as a family again. I am really nervous because it is our biggest move yet and i'm sad about leaving my dream home, but I know it will be worth it to see Craig every day. I hope I can survive packing all by myself again....

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Ben and Camille said...

OMG you're MOVING!??! Utah won't be the same!! AH! Well, congrats! That's huge and will be SO much fun. I always loved living outside of Utah, it's such a good experience, you will love it. Good luck!

Heather said...

I was wondering if/when the big move was still happening. It'll be so nice to be together again! And what an adventure!! I have a friend who lives in Houston (I think) and she LOVES it there. I don't know how similar San Antonio will be, but hopefully you guys enjoy it. I can't wait to see what cute things you do with your new place- you'll make it home in no time! I was hoping you would be around to take newborn pics for us, but I can't have the baby that early! Good luck getting everything ready this month!

Parker and Carly said...

WHOA!! So exciting!!! And it will be so nice to have your family all together... especially so you don't have to do it alone! I don't know how you do it. Good luck with it all. I'll be thinking about you!

Megan said...

I didn't know you were moving! I swear you have done enough of that already to last a life time! I hope this transition goes smoothly. I am sure it has to be better! I am not sure I would survive without my husband. lol.

Your trip looks so fun. And your pictures look awesome. No wonder it takes you so long to blog. You edit your pictures instead of just using your phone like I do ;) Plus you are moving, have 3 kids and are super crafting woman. I do none of that and I STILL don't blog. lol.

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