Our Denver Vacation:

Monday, June 11, 2012

We decided to take a little mini vacation when Craig had 2 weeks off about a month ago. We have wanted to go to "Glenwood Springs" ever since we were first married, so finally 9 years later we decided to do it! It was so much fun and such a laid back relaxing trip.

 These hot springs were amazing! It is one worlds 10 largest hot springs. We swam for 3 1/2 hours straight and it was the most fun we have ever had swimming.

 This was my favorite part of the trip. At the top of the mountain, there is an adventure park. We did a zipline, lazer tag, cave exploring, an alphine coaster and a crazy ride called the, "Giant Canyon Swing."

The kids loved the Alpine Coaster. You race all the way down the mountain and have to use the brakes if you get going too fast...but we never used them :) After you get down the mountain you get on a conveyor belt and it pulls you to the top again. way fuN!
 Kylin especially loved it....our little dare devil :)

I am so glad we got to go on this ride, I was worried they were going to shut it down because it was raining a little.  I loved it, but I dont think I have ever been more scared in my life. haha. I screamed the ENTIRE time. It swings you upside down 1,300 feet above the Colorado river! CRAZY. I am kinda turning into a little bit of an adrenaline junkie I think. I really want to do some crazy stuff like sky diving and some bigger ziplines...maybe someday bungee jumping. 

We also went on a cave tour that was cool, the kids were really into it. I took all these pictures with no flash :) Yay for my new camera.

 We got to ride a gondola the way down and that's where we discovered that Kylin is deathly scared f heights. Weird cause she is the most daring crazy kid ever. Such a cool day!

I love this zoo becuase the exibits are really  nice and the animals are really active.

 Mckay gave me some real smiles all day! I was more than happy to take pictures of him and his favorite animals with that cute smiling face :)

Kylin was fascinated by the Komodo dragon.

His favorite animals are turtles and snakes.

we love Casa Bonita. It has a 30 ft waterfall in it with cliff divers, magicians, all kinds of shows, an archade and lots more! Not to mention FOOD!

 Craig was turning 31 in a few days so we decided to celebrate a little early.

The trip home was pretty good, not as far as Cali only about 8 hrs.  but, thank goodness for the ipad :)

Such a fun trip and lots of great family memories made!

4 Say What's:

Heather said...

You guys are vacationing fools! Looks like a fun place. I need to get out more!

Ben and Camille said...

So fun! I love all the vacations you do. We did that growing up and will always love and cherish all our memories.

Unknown said...

We are headed to Colorado again this next month and I have never been to glen wood springs but I'm dying to go now!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!
I love that your camera takes pics without a flash in those caves....so nice
Miss you keep in touch

Megan said...

I would have peed my pants on that ride! But I would have loved it though too. What a fun trip. I have never even heard of this place, but now you have me wanting to go!

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