Mckay's 8th Birthday Celebrations....

Monday, September 10, 2012

OK here we go...this is going to be a HUGE post, so prepare :) Mckay, our oldest boy is now eight! I can't belive it. I feel old. haha. He is such a blessing in our family and actually one of my best friends. I can always count on this sweet guy for a hug, he still loves holding my hand and hanging out with me, almost everything he does he wants Craig or I to be apart of it. I'm sure in a few years we will not be cool anymore, but in the mean time I am loving it so much. So thankful for him...

Mckay picked "Angry Birds" for his party theme. I feel bad because we always move in the summer and so he doesn't have a chance to make friends before school starts, so we didnt do much of a friend party this year. He is such a good sport about it though and didn't complain. We did have a couple of the neighbor kids over to whack the pinata and have cake and ice cream, so that was good!

We served him breakfast in bed and he woke up to 8 balloons above his head with pictures of him hanging on each one. On the back of the pictures Craig and I wrote the things we loved about him.

The Lorax is his favorite movie right now.

"Heavy heavy hang over thy poor head, what do you wish this person with a BUMP on the head?" haha

One of his favorite foods, Alfredo with bowtie pasta.

My attempt at a pig cake. It was so hot that all the frosting I had piped into nice star shapes melted! So then I just used a knife and spread it all around. But he loved it, so that was the important part :)

He is always very thoughtful about his wish.

Commence the pig smashing :)

For his birthday he wanted to go to Sea World, which is one of my favorite places. The one here is AWESOME because half of it is a huge water park. Since we have season passes now, and it was SO hot outside, we decided to just do the water park. Hard to take pictures with water splashing everywhere, but I got a few and we had so much fun!

 She has perfected the back float :)

 There was a huge kids play area, plus lots of adult slides and rides too. They have one where you go through a tunnel and there are sting rays swimming all around you.

Have I mentioned what a little poser Piper is!?  haha

Mckay getting baptized was defiantly the highlight of him turning eight. It is something I will never forget and I don't think he will either. The spirit was so incredibly strong, and except for some family missing, it was the PERFECT day. Both of Craig and my parents flew in for the occasion and stayed a couple days. It was so wonderful to be able to see them and have them be apart of Mckays special day.

Baptisms in Texas are quite a bit different than in Utah because of the fact that there are not a lot of kids getting baptized on the same day. In Utah it is all the kids from the entire stake. This day was just Mckays. It was a small affair with only our parents, us, and a member from the bishopric and primary. My mom and Craig's mom spoke, my kids sang "I am a child of God"  and then Craig and I bore our testimonies. Then Mckay was baptized and got a beautiful confirmation blessing from his daddy. And when I feel the spirit so strong I bawl my eyes that is what I did :) We missed all his aunts & Uncles and cousins, but other than that it was such an amazing day. 

 We didnt have much time for pictures thanks to San Antonio traffic :) But at least got a few.

 Piper went and played the piano with Grandma Sheila. I know that she had to be feeling the spirit too because she played so soft and reverently, which never happens.

This was his baptism announcement we sent out, we took them at the San Antonio Temple.

Such a beautiful day and I am so so thankful for everyone that came. It meant so much to us.

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Amy said...

Mckay looks so handsome! Happy Birthday! I can't believe our boys are getting soooo BIG!

Unknown said...

Kelley, every single time I get on here to look at what your family is up to, I'm always so impressed! You do an AMAZING job at those photos! I totally need some direction to start my digital scrapbooking. Help? :P I know I've asked before, but I need a refresher. Anyways, besides that, I LOVE all your memories! So cute! And congrats to McKay!! Glad you guys are doing well!! :)

Stacie said...

Thanks for the AMAZING post! It's as close as we get to having been there! We are so happy for you guys and proud of the lovely, wonderful family you are raising.
the Stac

Kim said...

such fun times you are having! love your baptism ensemble btw - super cool!

Megan said...

What an awesome birthday and such a special day!

I love the pic of him right before he is going to blow out his candle. The look on his face is so thoughtful.

Also, the outfit your are wearing is super cute at his baptism. You are gorgeous. I think we should start sharing clothes again like we did in high school.

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