Finally Getting into Fall....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here is Texas it's still 85-90 degrees outside, so it has been really hard for me to feel like it is October. Normally there are beautiful falling leaves all around, the temperature is getting cooler, and I get to wear my soft sweaters, my favorite boots and get cozy in a blanket with some hot cocoa. NOT the story here! There is not an orange leaf in site and we are still wearing t-shirts and flip flops.

But, being silly like I am, I made us all wear sweaters to this pumpkin patch because I wanted it to feel a little like fall. After we were there about 10 minutes, we were sweating our guts out and the sweaters came off. haha.  Needless to say, I am really missing my beautiful mountain views and Sardine Canyon. I know come January I will be loving the warmth here, but for now it doesn't feel like Halloween is a week away. I haven't even gotten costumes, put out any decorations, or planned our annual party. Yes- I am SUPER homesick! But, enough complaining babbling from me....This Pumpkin patch was cute and we had a lot of fun!

 They had a cute little maze that the kids finished in about 30 seconds flat :)

The kids got to dog through these bins filled with corn to find little rubber duckies.

 Kylin picked the biggest pumpkin, and of course she picked the thing up all by herself and just THREW it into the wagon. Everyone there was laughing because it was HEAVY and about tipped the wagon over, but she knew the one she wanted and she's a feisty one.

 They had some cute fall books laying around and I love these pictures I got of Ky reading to her daddy. Sweet sweet moment.

 Our 3 little corney kiddos :) bawhaha
 Why are they so weird? Piper's face makes me laugh really hard.

Fun times, now we just need to carve these pumpkins, get some decorations out, and get some costumes. haha. I am really on top of it this year....I am blaming it on the weather :)

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Natasha said...


Kim said...

So cute! Love the update y'all! So glad you took the scarecrow outta Craig's head...really love that family photo! Love and miss you! Call me back!!!

Unknown said...

Just like it is here... Too hot to feel like Fall! I am thinking if I wear the sweaters enough my body will just get used to it. Makes me home sick all the more when it changes seasons and doesn't feel like it at all.

Heather said...

It snowed here today! I wish I were in Texas! I am not ready for snow! Why be homesick? Didn't all your family move too? And yes, you'll love Texas come January- every winter I miss AZ like crazy! Be happy- and get your decor up. Better yet, give us a home tour! I bet you have it looking adorable already!

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