Friday, December 28, 2012

It seems like Christmas came and went so quickly this year. I can't believe it is over already! My house right now is proof though, it looks like a tornado hit. Boxes, packaging, and new toys are scattered everywhere. We have been just sitting around for 2 days playing with new toys and being lazy. :) L O V E  I T.

This year was defiantly different from all our other Christmases, no family lives by us so that means we had to travel. We didn't want to spend $1000 on plane tickets, so we spent 16 hours and drove to Mesa Arizona where Craig's parents live. The drive actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, except at 1 am on the way back...then I was really sick of it.  But, we made it to Arizona and Craig's whole family came. So that was really great to see everyone. I can't believe Craig and I have lived in Texas for 7 months now. Still doesn't feel like home yet, but I know the longer we are here the more it will.
 Making sugar cookies. Didn't do as much baking as we normally do this year. Just caramels, sugar cookies and honey butter. Guess that is good for my waistline though :)

We went to Mesa Arizona Temple to see the lights they had there. It was really pretty, not as big as temple square but still pretty and not freezing either!

 Weird to see flowers blooming in December...Arizona felt the same as Texas.
 They had a really beautiful Nativity there. I was so glad to be able to sit and watch and remember what Christmas is really all about, and have my kids feel it too.

Mckay was the only one that stayed awake for the whole thing. It really has been so great becoming friends with him. He is such a fun boy and I love to sit and talk with him and hang out just the 2 of us.

 In the visitor center they had the most B E A U T I F U L Christmas tree. I decided when the kids are grown, or I have my own, it will look like that.
 They also had a Christus there, just like Temple Squares, just smaller.

 I took the annual Howe family Christmas picture. I think it turned out pretty good for being a timer and no 6 kids under the age of 8.

For Christmas Eve we went to the Lee's house, Craig's aunt and Uncle. His cousins were there too and it was a lot of fun too see everyone. It was a "Sherpard's Dinner" So, we all wore shepherds  hats. I wish I had taken a picture because it was really cute. We got back to the Howe's at 9pm so it was kinda late for putting out stockings and cookies for Santa and our traditional Christmas jammie's. We tried to wake them up, and put their new jammies on, but they were really out of it and they didn't really notice their new Pj's till Christmas morning. It was really strange not spending Christmas Eve with my family like I have the last 31 years. I missed them a lot.

 The present they were most excited about was these C R A Z Y  Furby's!  Kinda scary little things, sometimes I feel like Golem from LOTR is talking to me and watching me, especially when they get  in a bad mood and start talking and acting all weird and mean. haha. But, the kids L O V E them and they actually are pretty cute. Piper and "sprinkles" as she named him, are inseparable.

I love seeing her so happy.

 Mckay looks as crazy as his furby.

 On Christmas morning, Mickey Mouse called us and annouced our 6 day Caribbean Disney Cruise to the kids. They were really excited, but it was hard for them since it is 2 weeks away. I know they will die when the day arrives and they see the ship. I think I was way more excited than anyone. I can't wait to go!!! January 12th...please come quick! And thank you Disney for having a "kids sail free" promotion :)

 This is the whole gang.

After we got home it was time to dig into their toys and start playing! Ky and pip got some really cute dress up stuff. That is their favorite thing to do all day...change their outfits 5 millions times.
 My sister Kim made these A D O R A B L E little mice that fit it Altoid tins. My kids loved them so much!
 It was so fun seeing them all so happy and excited about their new stuff. We got rid of most their toys when we moved here, so it was nice to be able to "restock" a little bit.
 I know the picture is blury, but I just love her face in this...she is so happy.
 Our year I will be doing gold mesh ribbon I think and a burlap tree skirt :) Love the new tree we got though!
 Mckay got Mario Party 9, which he dove into as soon as we got home.
 Craig was so nice and set up their new trampoline Santa gave them as soon as we walked in the door. The kids were SOOOOOOO excited. I can't even tell you! They have spent hours and hours out there.

 I told them to make their craziest faces and this is what I got...these pictures really make me laugh.

 They have been playing a lot of Twister and it has been hilarious to watch. I had to draw "L" and "R" on their hands so that they could remember their left and right fast and not get mixed up. Piper is the funniest because she just puts her hands and feet wherever and tries to make crazy positions.
 I also love watching them play "Just Dance Disney" on the wii. It is hilarious and Kylin always has so much attitude. She is actually really good.
 I am excited to have the kids home for another week, it is gonna be fun! I just need to get out of these pjs and start cleaning up this messy house now....B L A H.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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Jenny said...

Adorable pictures. Looks like Santa was good to you. We had the same reaction from addie about going to Disney land... Excited but 13 days is long when you're four :) the cruise will be so fun!!

Unknown said...

Pretty stinkin cute Kelley. We are looking forward to our cruise too! Have a happy new year!

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