Monday, March 25, 2013

I am trying to play some catch-up here with this family journal, so that's what these next few posts are going to be :)

A HUGE part of our lives right now is Cub Scouts. Craig is the Cub Scout Master and I am a Wolves Den Leader... and of course the assistant to the scout master ;p  haha.  I had NO IDEA how much work went into this calling. It is the most time consuming and hardest calling I have ever had. So much planning, lots of activities and LOTS of learning for me. I still don't know what I am doing all the time,or most the time, or what everything means, but hopefully I'll get there. I have about seven 8 year old boys in my Den....and let me tell you, it gets CRAZY! But, I love the boys and I love being there with Mckay.  Craig has always done scouts his entire life and is an Eagle scout. So, I am sure we will continue the tradition with Mckay.

Mckay got his Bobcat:

 Our pinewood derby we do as a stake, so there were lots of boys to compete against. It was so much fun seeing all the different car designs my boys made.

Mckay's car was this silver one.

 Mckay's car actually did really well. I think next year we will get the wheels so they are a little less wobbly and change the weight distribution a bit. But he came up with the design, colors and did a lot of it himself and Craig helped with the rest. It is great seeing Mckay and his daddy working on things together like this.
I'm proud of this kid and the little man he is turning into.

3 Say What's:

Amy said...

So fun! Love your scout shirt! I bet you are such a fun leader!

Stacie said...

Love getting to be there! ...even if it's just through a blog! :) I am proud of you guys! You are making a huge difference in so many little lives!

Love yoU!

Heather said...

That's one calling I have never had......and I am not sure I ever do unless I get to work with one of my boys. Glad you guys are having fun with it.

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