Our Happy Easter

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter is one of my favorite Holidays, although I am sure I say that about most Holidays :) I just love that spring is all around,  all the pastels, chicks and bunnies, dressing my kids up...candy!  It is just a happy happy Holiday. Mostly I love it because of what Easter really represents. I am so grateful for our Savior and his sacrifice for me and I'm thankful for forever families. I am so blessed to be a Latter Day Saint, and have the peace and knowledge that we have a loving Savior and Heavenly Father.

 We have never been in Texas for Spring and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised! It is beautiful. They have wild flowers everywhere the temperature is a perfect 80 degrees. So now I know Texas has 2 seasons....Spring and hot hot summer.

 Pip is such a fake smiler unless I can get her to laugh... This is picture is perfectly her. luv it!

Kylin loved picking the wildflowers, we even brought some home and dried them for her to keep.

 Our fat Oreo bunny has tripled in size. The kids still love her as much as the day we got her though. Yes, she is smelly and makes a mess...but, she sure does melt these little hearts.

 There are blue bells everywhere right now. <3


 Ever since I got back from W. Virginia Piper has turned into a Daddy's Girl. She always wants him to help her with everything.
 Dying eggs is serious business and requires lots of concentration to arrive at optimal color perfection.

Every year I make an egg for Craig, this years was easy, and  like I said on Instagram...the Only mustache Craig will ever have :)

 We painted eggs on our deck this year. I didn't worry so much about the mess and we used paints and glitter and had a grand ol' time


 Craig was Piper's personal egg basket caddy :)

 My kids are obsessed with these little chicks...

and candy!

The day before Easter, the Easter bunny dropped off "Magical Jelly beans" on the doorstep. We planted them and watered them and on Easter morning the kids ran outside to find that they had grow into giant lollipops :) It was an understament to say that they were excited.

After church we got to baking and cooking...


 I love decorating the table and having nice family dinners. It makes it extra special. Craig bought me these beautiful blue plates instead of an Easter dress this year. He knows me too well :)

 These pretty yellow pom pom trees are all over Texas right now, so I went and cut some branches off for our spring table.
 That is the bunny from the girls room :)

 Craig made the yummiest dinner. He is such a great cook.

 It was a wonderful Holiday, so thankful to be able to spend it as a family.

3 Say What's:

Kim said...

great post kel! love the kids Easter dresses and my kids are obsessed with those cute little chicks too. I remember when grandma gave those to us growing up. beautiful table settings as usual. love Easter time!

Stacie said...

oooooh my goodness!!!! I love this post! My heart is melted into a big ol' puddle on the floor! I love the magic jellybeans! (Going to save that tradition for when my babies come!) LOVE the BEAUTIFUL pictures, the yummy-looking dinner! LOVE it all!!!

Heather said...

Fun pictures. I love the lollipop idea. Jon has a total baby face too- I can probably grow a better mustache than him! :0)

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