My Tiny Dancers

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kylin and Piper both had their dance recital last weekend, and they did an amazing job! I was one proud mama! They looked so cute all dolled up in their costumes and wearing makeup. It is funny that when I took them backstage 15 minutes before to their numbers, they told me they didn't have enough makeup on! They look so grown up...where have the years gone! :( This is Kylin's 3rd year in dance and she LOVES it. We are going to start competition this fall because it is something she wants to stick with and she is good at it! I just wish it wasn't a small fortune.

I don't know if Piper will keep doing dance, she is a little more rough and tumble I think it's hard for her to hold still and learn steps.  It blew my mind that 10 minutes before she was going to go on stage, she had a little meltdown and didn't want to do it. It's SO not like her to get shy, and I was so proud to see her walk onto that stage and forget about her stage fright. She did a ballet routine to "My Little Teddy Bear". She was too busy playing with her glittery tutu and teddy bear to even care about dancing though. It was pretty hilarious. I was just glad she made it up there! There will be glitter in my house for years after that costume...good thing it was cute!

Kylin of course got up on stage and was a rockstar! She tap danced to "Fraggle Rock". She loves the attention and did great! I wish I had a video, but they wouldnt let us take any and I didn't want to pay $40 a piece for each one. But, good job my girlies! I love you so much and I am proud of you!

I took them outside in between dress rehearsal and their performances for some quick shots. 

 Those eyes just melt me

When did she get so big?!

And after their performances we gave them flowers...they were exhausted! Can you tell by the fake smiles? :)

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