Staycation to Austin!

Monday, July 1, 2013

We haven't been able to take a vacation this summer because we took our vacation in January and funding is a little low. But, we decided that we needed to get out and do at least something! I have been wanting to go to Austin forever, so this was our chance to take a mini vacation since Austin in only a couple hours away.
First we headed for the capitol, and as boring as I thought it would be, it was actually beautiful and the kids had fun.

After the capitol we headed Salt Lick BBQ restaurant. Which, sadly I forgot to take pictures of because I was too busy stuffing me face with their amazing food.

When lunch was done, we headed to downtown Austin to watch the infamous Austin Bats nightly flight from under Congress Bridge. Kind of a weird thing to watch and get excited about. But, hey it's Austin...and they are know for "Keepin' it Weird". There were SO SO many bats, I couldn't even believe it, and they flew out from under there for about 10 minutes!

The fun wasn't over after the sun went down. Oh no! I heard about this AMAZING donut place called "Gordough's". I thought it was a little diner, but come to find out it is a food trailer! It was so cool! Those donuts were probably one of the best things I have ever eaten...and fattiest.  It was like a donuts on crack!  I forgot to bring my flash, so the pictures are limited and not so great, but man...those things were gOooD.
We got 4 different donuts and then shared. I am not ashamed to say, we almost licked the plates.

The next day was the one I was most excited for!  Hamilton Pool. We arrived early hoping to get in the front of the line because they only let about 25 people in and then it closes until people leave.  We were one of the first groups there and made it in just fine. You have to hike about 1 mile down to the water and It was BEAUTIFUL!  There is a 45-foot water fall that has created a great swimming hole. It was a SUPER fun relaxing day... I felt super red-neck.
 I talked to kids into some "mini" cliff jumping.

The kids found some HUGE catfish swimming around and I was really surprised they didn't turn around bolt out of the water screaming their heads off. Actually, they sat and swam with them for a quite a while.

Thanks Austin for being awesome! We will defiantly come back and see you soon.

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