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Saturday, August 24, 2013

It looks like Mckay is having another birthday! Why do they keep doing that so quickly? He of course wanted to have a friend party, and I of course didn't want 10 nine-year old's running around my house. So a pool party was the perfect solution...and practically free! :)  We have a pool in our community that we go to pretty much every day when the temperatures are soaring at 100 degrees.

We invited all his cub scout friends and it was a CRAZY, but super fun day. The most important thing is that Mckay LOVED it. We just saw "Despicable me 2", and that is the theme he wanted to go with. So, I made these for the invites

I decided to keep it as easy and simple as possible, so I gave in and bought a cake this year.

 and for some reason, my kids don't think it's a real party without a pinate.

I am so glad that McKay has these friends that are all good boys. These are my cub scouts and I love them all.

Craig thought it would be fun to get them all some weird teeth. I thought it was weird and had nothing to do with the "theme" but of course he was right and they all loved them!

I was too busy making sure no one got whacked in the face, and didn't get a picture of Mckay hitting the pinate. That thing was SOLID and those boys had it open in no time. Never under estimate 9-year olds and their desire for candy!

Everyone loved the cake even though it was melting in the 100 degree weather.

I love seeing that smile on his face :)

The next day was Sunday and we had is little family party.

Of course they saved their teeth and pip gave her best Zombie impression. How she even knows what a Zombie is, I have NO clue! I thought she was cute, even though that isn't what she was going for! haha.

Mckay picked cheesecake for his family cake. YUM!

Happy Birthday little man! We love you so so much!

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