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Thursday, September 5, 2013

This summer FLEW by and now it is back to school again. Where did 3 months go?! I can't believe how big all my kids are getting. Next year they all will be in full-time school, and I will bawl my eyes out. I am holding onto my little Piper this last year and trying to enjoy her as much as I can. Here are their first days....they LOVE their teachers and were SO excited to get started!

Of course my little miss Diva wore a dress to her first day and had her hair all curled. She lit up that room like a sunbeam and I know she is going to make so many new friends.

Mckay is a little more shy and reserved till you get to know him. And then he is the most loyal, sweet and FUN little man you could ever call a friend. I know if the kids get to know him they will love him....he's one of my best friends. I know he is going to have a great year too :)

My poor little pip cried as soon as we got back to the car and she saw the Mckay and Kylin weren't coming home with her. She loves them so much and misses them a ton during the day. She was sad because she wanted to go to school too. Her's didn't start for another week though.

I am doing a co-op mommy Joy School group for Pip this year, same people as last year. She was so excited to go play with her friends and looked adorable in her new fox dress :)

I miss her the 2 1/2 hrs she is gone. What am I going to do next year when she leaves?! I think I will sit in the parking lot all day and cry till school gets out and I can bring her home. I bawl like a baby the first few days all my kids have gone off to kindergarten.  I am so proud of the little people they are becoming though. Cheers to a bright new school year!

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