Friday, June 7, 2013

You dont hear that word very often or ever...unless you live by me :) My friend Shannon invited me and the kids to this fun place called "The Quadrangle".  It has deer, chickens, peacocks and ducks all wandering around, corralled in a  big courtyard. And my favorite part is it's FREE. We cut up some potatoes, celery, and apples and gave each kid a bag full so they could feed the animals. It was fun seeing them try and be brave so they could fed and pet them, and by the end they had no fear at all. Our kids all have so much fun together! I am so glad they live just a street away. Thanks Shanon for the fun time!

I am playing catch-up on this blog here. Been WAY too long since I have posted. Things have been so busy...but what else is new! So prepare for an onslaught of posts! :)

Piper loves all the attention Shanon's kids give her. They call her "kitty" because she meows and purrs and pretends like she is a cat...a lot.

I secretly want these two to get married. They are really good friends and she is the most adorable girl EVER.

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