Sunglasses & Crazy Hair Day

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Usually I don't post my scrapbook pages here, but I just like how you can see all three of these cute pictures together in a row. You can click it to make it bigger too. Mckay had a sleepover with the Howe's, so it was just Ky, Daddy & Me this morning going to take a walk to the mailbox. It was so weird and easier just having to worry about one kid. I kept thinking "where is Mckay!" It was fun to just to spend some time with Ky. I did her hair all crazy and we both wore our sunglasses and she just thought she was the COOLEST baby ever!

My sis-in-law said that Ky looked like a little "whoo" with her hair done like that... You know like Dr. Seuss. And she kinda does! hehe. I should call her susie-loo-whoo (don't know how to spell it though).

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Tausha said...

darling! I agree with your sister in law-she does kind of look like a whoo-only cuter. Kind of crazy when you don't have all children. My kids are at my inlaws until Monday (hopefully Mon and not sun) and it is times like these-that i realize that I love my kids A LOT! I know I am kind of sad-but don't judge me too much-I do have three divas!
Hey-you never emailed me back-does that swap change work? I hope so-I found you some darling stuff last night! I am super excited to give it to you! Another question-do you have any warmers in stock? How about some that are on sale? the reason-I already have 2- i did once have 3-i gave one to cousin to borrow-she has never given it back,and I don't want to be tacky and ask for it back. So-I need one for the thrid level of the house-After this one-I want to get one for the girls room downstairs. Anyway-let me know-even if they are not on sale-just let me know which ones you have in stock-if you have any in stock. Ok-sorry for the long post. I have been meaning to ask about the scentsy for a while I LOVE THEM! I really do! I just got some new scents from a girl in the ward who had a party-I would rather get them from you, but her girl gave me such a deal 7 scents for 25. If you can give me the same-I will be calling you in a month. I go through a square a day. Ok-now I am really done with the post. Your welcome for giving you something to do (read my post) not that you are not busy enough!

Kim said...

love the page kell-awesome as always and i love the hair Ky! I dont know what I would do first if I had a night with no kids...i havent had time by myself like that FOREVER! I love my kids but with really REALLY have no time. Enjoy each moment with them though! did McKAy have fun?

Megan said...

Once again I am jealous that Ky had enough hair to do that - and thick enough too! She is such a doll. She is Cindy Lou Who for sure! Did you do anything else fun since you only had one for a while? Was she lovin' all the attention from you guys or missing her partner in crime?

mrs. jar said...

very cute

BensonFam said...

So cute! One of Livvy's nick names is "Livvy Lu Who" because her white/blond little piggy tails used to stick straight up out of her head when she was tiny.

Laura Jex said...

YES!! I remember you! How are you? What have you been up to? It looks like we have kids just about the same age! Im glad you found me, I cant wait to hear how you and the rest of the family are doing!!!
Laura (Moon) Jex

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Your little girl looks so cute. I love the hair. I wish my little girls hair was longer to do something fun like that. What a doll.

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