Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FINALLY I am 1/2 way there! Well probably more than half way if this baby comes early like my others. But, hopefully not! I have been having contractions already, so I hope that I am not dilating yet. I started dilating at 25-weeks with my two other kiddos and they put me on bed rest and gave me some medicine and shots to stop the contractions.
So-we will see how it goes, I am sure it will be the same story with Piper. But, I want to keep this baby baking as long as possible. It is hard having these high-risk pregnancies, and then the NICU, but I am SO GRATEFUL I am able to have kids even going through all of this.

I have been trying to get all of Piper's stuff ready, I figure if I do it gradually it wont be so overwhelming. So, I decided to go through all the kids old clothes and get rid of all the boy ones and the girl ones that are going to be the wrong season for Piper.

I have come to realize I have a little bit of a addiction to buying my kids clothes. I should have shown you the HUGE piles of clothes after I dumped all these bags and totes out. But, in my defense I am an AWESOME bargin shopper and found such good deals on most of this stuff that I couldnt pass it up. I am selling LOTS of ebay and took a bunch to kid-to-kid. It has kinda been fun going through all the clothes and having the memories of my kids in a certain outfit, and a little sad to get rid of them.

On a random note- This is what happens when Kylin is left alone for more than 5-minutes....this is her toilet seat stuck on her head! She was screaming because she could not get it off!

And this is a video of my silly Ky dancing! She cracks me up becuause this is really how she is ALL day...NEVER runs out of this energy.

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Megan said...

I love it. You need to sign that girl up for some dance lessons and MAYBE she might get some energy out in the process ;) Anna does the same 'wind up' thing as Ky before she spins or takes off running. Kids are so dang funny. I hope this pregnancy goes better for you and you can keep her in there longer - the NICU stinks for sure! You look so dang cute prego! Keep us posted!

Heather K said...

You're so cute & 1/2 way! HOORAY! Hopefully you can keep that little one in the oven for a long time. Take it easy!
Ky is so darling & fun! She needs a dancing class. She has the cutest personality.

That's what we said: said...

What a cutie! Ky and my Lauren would definitely get along well together. Maybe someday at a future family event.

Dana said...

SHE IS SO CUTE!! :) and that toliet seat....hilarious! :P

so i have a question? do you know *why you have high risk pregnancies? b/c i had that with Kade...and that scares me to happen again... just wondered. they never knew with me.

love your belly pic Kelley! you are adorable! :)

Kim said...

Ky cracks me up - she is so silly and sweet all rolled up into one! Yay! You made it to 20 weeks..now here is hoping you can make it ten more! Hang in there, take it easy and love ya tons!

Jaime said...

You look so good at 20 weeks! I hope your little bun can cook a little longer as well. Thats is sad, but funny about Ky, what on earth was she trying to do?

Brooke said...

That toilet seat is awesome! That would totally be me, "hold on babe, let me get a picture first!" I also love the dancing, it's so funny to watch the moves they come up with!

Chelsie said...

oh my heck, that pic of ky is hilarious!!! yeah for being half way there! you look great!

Leah said...

Cute video and CUTE preggo belly! You are so little! are you feeling better? cause you look great!
Well, if you have a hard time getting rid of girl clothes, you can send some my way :) Kylin wears the cutest things!
Love the new look on the blog, too. so creative

The Taylor Family said...

Kylin is so cute Kelly! And congrats on making it 20 weeks. Its nice to make it over that hump. I hope you can last as long as possible. And I love the name Piper. I love different and origional names. She'll be darling and so loved. Hope you have a good summer. :)

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