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Friday, March 5, 2010

Since I have been so busy with my Etsy business, I decided that I needed a proper work space to keep track of my orders and be organized. So- I bought this desk on ksl (which my dad had to drive all the way to Murray for...THANKS DAD) and it was a yucky brown color, so I painted it white. Which took about 3 coats...FOREVER :) But totally worth it because I love how it turned out. I love things that are white. So now, my space is bright and happy and I love being in it now AND best of all it is super functional!

Of course I did this all on a tight budget :) Thought I would share where I got stuff and how to di stuff for cheap in case any of you need some remodeling ideas. The desk/book shelf was the desk I got from KSL for only $100. To buy one new would have been AT LEAST $700. The white shelf and tiny 6 drawers cabinet was Ikea. The lights on top of the bookshelf were also Ikea. I made the fluffy pillow for my chair :) Also made the cute hanging crepe paper lanterns for a pop of color. THANKS Kim for telling me how to make them ! If anyone wants to know...just leave me a comment and I will share.

Here is a view without the chair in the way...I need a cord organizer :)

For the chalkboard I bought a cheesy picture from the DI with no glass on it and painted it with chalkboard SO GREAT and I didn't even have to paint the frame only $4. The large clothes pin, green pencil holder, cute flowers and my cute hot coco mug are all from Hobby Lobby. Oh and the "laugh" sign. Love that store :)

I made the bulliton boards from little bulliton squares that I got from walmart and covered them in Heather Bailey's new "Nicey Jane" fabric line. So happy and springy.

My favorite thing....tropical skittles and mike and Ikes :) gotta have treats while you're working!

I got the pictures from Etsy and the 3 shelf organizer from the DI and painted it white and then I lined it with scrapbook paper to make it cute and colorful. It fits just PERFECT in my desk.

I painted the green magazine bins green to match. I couldn't think of a more perfect set up for me and it makes me happy :)

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BensonFam said...

Very cute! It make me itch to be organized. And yes please, share the lantern instructions!

.:Bree:. said...

WOW! LOVE that space! I'm trying to figure out how to get a better organization going for us in my "office" I'll need to take notes from yours! lol

Parker and Carly said...

Oh Kelley, where do get the time/energy/motivation to do all these cute projects?? You are wonder woman! xo ps I want to know how to make the lanterns too!!

Erika said...

What a fun space to work! I love everything you did. I do you find time to do so much with three little one? Amazing. Yes, please post on how you made those lanterns. So cute.

Jenny said...

you do indeed have three children right?? FOR. REAL. Sooo dang cute! Do you ever sleep? I have no idea how you have the time, but you're so creative and make the cutest things and you should seriously decorate for people on budgets, because you're amazing at it :)

The Taylor Family said...

I love all of your ideas! Decoratin on a budget, organizing, scrapping, etc. Now share how you have so much energy because you are my idol.

Megan said...

Your spaces are always so cute, bright and happy. Love it. Could you just come decorate my house for me?!

Natasha said...

Wooooow!!!! Looks awesome!!!!

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