Our Little Moab Trip!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally, here is the post about our wonderful Moab trip. We only were able to go to 2-days, but it was a lot of fun. I have never been before so I was super excited. It was HOT HOT HOT...but fun. I would recommend taking this trip in October or March :) Here are LOTS of pictures!

DAY 1:

All the red rock was so beautiful.

The kiddos and I at the start of the hike...we had no idea how hot and hard it would be :) Yes, I am going to look RIDICULOUS in ALL of these pictures with my silly bandanna on and no makeup...that is camping right. I like not having to get ready!

They whined a lot of the way up because some of it was a pretty intense climb, but look how happy and unknowing they are at the beginning . hehe.

just a cool tree. I took so many pictures of nature stuff there.

My brother and I doing a little rock climbing. Made me realize how much I miss it and never do anything now since having kids! I need to get back into it. Of course I prefer to have a rope around me! haha.

My brother SUPERMAN...he really is people!

Almost to Delicate Arch. How would it be to get your butt hauled up the mountain? It was quite the workout for me. Of course craig had to carry the 5 million pounds of water :)

FINALLY we made it to the top. It wouldn't have been that hard of a hike if it hadn't be 97 degrees.

Totally worth the hike :)

Man we look tired.


Craig got to go 4-wheeling with the boys while I stayed at watched the kids at the river.

It was like our own beach and small pond (even though it was a river) a minute from our camp site. The kids played in it for hours and we didn't have to worry about them drowning because it was slow and shallow.

Pip and Mckay LOVED playing in sand and Ky was all about the water. Can I just say something about my Brother's dog in the background there. CRAZY red neck dog! Never met one like it....Cody likes to hard-core 4-wheel and hike up huge cliffs. He will follow my brother anywhere. Never met a dog that 4-wheels or has a death wish :)

What is camping without Smores :) Love this picture.

DAY 2:

We went on another hike "Negro Bill Canyon" I think it was called, and it was mostly shaded and right next to a river. This time mom and dad came along.

And this time Ryan carried Ky's bootie up the mountain. THANKS Ryan, you are awesome!

It was a really pretty hike.

We had to cross the river which the kids thought was fun. I just wish the lighting was so harsh for pictures this whole trip.

I was SO PROUD of Mckay that day, he didn't complain much at all and actually had lots of fun climbing up the rocks. You better believe I was right there under him to catch him though...I am so paranoid.

This is Ky trying to hold up the rock :)

Craig carried piper up and she was laughing and smiling the whole way....she would NOT hold still she was so excited.

My handsome guy was such a great hiker.
We are there....it was a nice easy hike and just BEAUTIFUL!

The whole gang :)

There was a tiny fall of spring water coming out of the top of the rock that the kids played in and of course we couldn't leave Piper out. Love that picture of her and my mom.

My sweet sweet baby!

Ok- so NOT so funny story about our hike back: Craig and I had to stay behind a little bit to feed Piper and got separated from everyone. Wellllll, we must have been talking and not paying attention (and the trail was not marked well at all) and we got lost. We ended up down by the river. We knew the trail went by the river every once and a while so we decided to walk upstream in the river till it met up with the trail. Well, I found out something about myself that I never knew. I AM DEATHLY SCARED OF CRAWDADS! Not just scared, but I had a huge hyperventilating, almost pass out, melt down. I am TERRIFIED of them. We were walking along in the river and Craig kept pointing them out to to me, and was like oh, ok gross, but I was fine. Well I kept looking at them as I was walking past and they kept getting bigger and I progressively got more and more freaked and grossed out of them, till finally there was a deep part of the river...almost to my knees and I couldn't see my feet. I freaked out. I lost my shoe that was on my foot and was screaming, crying and hyperventilating...I was frozen with fear and there was no where I could go ...the river was blocked on both sides by huge foliage. Poor piper was crying cause I was screaming, but I couldn't help it. I didn't want one of those Crawdad's anywhere near me. So Craig had to come back and find my shoe, take piper and help me get a hold of myself. We had a walk a little farther till we finally got to the trail, but I was crying, shaking and screaming the whole way. I can't believe I was such a baby and soooo freaked out of them. I knew they couldn't hurt me, but I didn't care, I have never been more scared of anything in my life. I can pick up snakes and lizards...but the site of crawfish.....eeeekkkkk! anyways it was awful at the time and Craig probably thinks I am a TOTAL moron (he was so nice to me) but it is funny now.

We finally met everyone at the end of the trail and this was Ky. hehe. Our little sac of potatoes. Craig looks so hard core and bad boy with his bandanna... I kinda like it :)

A really fun trip! We LOVED it. THANKS everybody :)

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Ben and Camille said...

love all the pictures! looks like a fun and exhausting trip! and crawdads are NASTY--haha, love that story!

BensonFam said...

Oh my holy fun! I have not been there in years and your pictures made me want to go again soooo badly! Glad you guys had a great time - your kids were so cute in their little bandanas and hiking gear.

The Razzle Dazzle Family said...

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT trip all except the crawdads! Love all your pictures.

Natasha said...

Wow woo wow!!!!!
Amazing pictures!!! Love them!!!! Looks like alot of fun!!! =))))

Megan said...

Love that you and Ky are making the same face in the 'pooped' picture. Sounds like a fun trip, but much funner if it wasn't so hot and minus the hyperventilation. lol. So when are you guys moving?

Emily said...

Wow - what a fun trip! Your pictures look great and such good memories!

Sorry about the crawdads, it's no fun to be scared and stuck in a river! :D

LoveFeast Table said...

That looks like a wonderful time...and your baby pic is over the top adorable!!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

Cute cute pictures! Your family is just adorable! I love Moab.


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