Day #4

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today was "Get Ky ready for Dance Day" haha. But, I did get her tutu made (I think I am gonna cut it a little shorter), bought her tap and ballet shoes, and got that cute little pink outfit too. She is set....and Sooooo excited! As you look at these pictures you have to pictures her singing "I am a beautiful ballerina" over and over again :)

Sorry, the pictures might not be super great cause they are just in front of the house and it is almost dark....but she looks cute anyways and was so excited to show you :)

I let them eat pizza on a sheet tonight in the playroom and watch a movie. I can't even get them to look at me they get so zoned out watching.

Today, I also got that wedding open house done and mailed off, had Mckay's preschool test (which he did AMAZING at) mckay's invites sent out and spent lots of time with the kids...not much work done, but oh well! MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH! Love you babes. Lots of kisses loves and maybe a butt grab. j/k if Sheila is reading this. hehe.

ps. they got some new Zhu Zhu pets and LOVE them :) Maybe they won't want you to come home cause I am spoiling them so bad. hehe. j/k....they miss soo much and think you are on a mission cause they think everyone that goes on a plane is going on a mission cause of Sam.

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BensonFam said...

Cute cute Tutu!!!! What a sweetie ballerina. (And I loved your day #3 post - they are so cute all snuggled in bed together. I can't believe they would even fall asleep, my two go nuts when they sleep in the same room. I can't imagine how they'd act in the same bed.) Hope you're doing wel Kel!

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