Day #5

Friday, August 20, 2010

Well today I had had enough of being sick since it was getting worse instead of better, so I FINALLY went into the Dr. and he said I had a pretty bad infection in my lungs. WAHOO! He gave me some antibiotics and so hopefully they will kick in soon and it will stop feeling like a big fat person is standing on my chest! Being sick is taking a lot out of me....hard to get anything done and take care of the kiddos. Thanks mom and dad for your help...means a lot :)

Babe, I know you didn't have a super great day either so i made you this slideshow to show how much you are loved :) Hope tomorrow goes better. LOVE YOU!

ps. thanks everyone for your wonderful comments....they always mean a lot to me.

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Kim said...

Hi Kelley--I am a blog stalker of yours. I just LOVE all your work with photoshop and your scrapbooking pages! I am wondering what font you used in your previous post, the font alongside the ballerina photos. Which font is it and where can I get it? Thanks!

Kim said...

That font is from Sweet Shoppe - coffee and espresso by DB. Hee and my sis shop at the same place and have the same taste :) Kel - hope you feel better soon. Are u all better? We want to come up tomorrow...only if you can handle all these people at your house though.

Kim said...

Awesome, thanks Kim! I can't wait to use it!! Random fact for you, my name is Kim and my sister's name is Kelley, spelled the same way. You guys must be as awesome as we are! Thanks again!!

mrs. jar said...

Hey Kelley...I just got caught up on your blog and a)I hope the days are flying by and your hubby will be home before you know it. b)I hope you are feeling much better now...I know all about lung infections and they are scary! c)you are so amazingly talented! and d)your babies are all so dang cute! I just love their little mugs!

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