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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ok- so I feel behind on my days of love. but, things got CRAZY!!! There were birthday parties to plan, kids to take to school, dance lessons, and of course I still have all my work to get done, not to mention getting the house clean... yeah right! I am great at starting projects, but not so great at finishing them. Craig is home for a week and then he leaves again for another week. I am so glad he is back this week, I missed him so much :) I am surprised I survived. hehe.

Here is my little Mckay's first day of Kindergarten...he is not seeming so little anymore. Is it normal for me to cry on the first day of school???

After I picked him up from class we went to the new candy store in town as a special "first day" treat. They loved it....they were as happy as "kids in a candy store!" hehe.

They each got a lollipop and wind up toy :) Mckay had a birthday this week, so I will be posting that stay tuned!

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10zfam said...

as always-so cute. where is this candy store, i want to take my kids

Parker and Carly said...

YOU have a KINDERGARTNER???? Holy cow. Where has the time gone? He's so cute. And don't you worry about crying... I'm already dreading Jack's first day.

Jenny said...

awe first day of kindergarten. i'm in denial about kindergarten even though its 3 years away :)

cute candy store!

Megan said...

I think everyone says they cry when their kids start school. I am crying that my daughter ISN'T in school. lol. Love your pics and posts - as always. I should probably just avoid his birthday post so I don't think less of myself ;)

BensonFam said...

cute cute cute! On Olivia's first day of kindergarten, all of the kids were bouncing around smiling on one side of the little kindergarten play yard. And all of the moms were gathered together with their cameras and tissues on the other side. It was pretty funny. P.s. that candy store looks awesome! Where is it? We're headed up to Logan for Cameron's bike race in just two weeks and I would love to stop in.

Emily said...

First day of Kindergarten is so exciting for them and for you - can't believe it goes by so fast

So glad you made it through your sickness and Craig being gone - that definitely stinks!!!

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